Challenge #03168-H259: We're Starting a Band

Wraithvine introduces Amatu to some of the other chosen, and brings him to meet the child Vee and her family.

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There are many things to be said about chosen ones, but, "At least this one isn't taking along their mum," is fairly rare. It has been sighed a few times by Wraithvine as ze drove the cart along some very specific trackways with an Ogre and a halfbreed Tiefling/Aasimar already in tow. And the captive in the cart unhappily awaiting justice in Waterdeep.

Slithery Sam had already learned not to try escaping, wheedling, or bargaining. Two out of three of this new band were not tolerating fools gladly and the third had a badly disguised grudge about that one time Sam nearly poisoned his Mama. He was the only one who didn't call attention to the branch of the road Wraithvine steered down.

"Uhhh. The marker says that Waterdeep's down the other path. Is this a shortcut?"

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