Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress and Shenanigans

Plague news: Six new cases, four local, two imports. Despite this, there's not yet talk of a lockdown. Mostly because the Covidiots come out of the woodwork to make everything worse when they go off. There's seventeen total active cases as of noon yesterday, and seven of those are in hospital. In other states, people are dying of this shit in their homes and there are STILL people who think it's fake. AUGH. Australia's at 76% first vax - almost 77%, and 52% fully vaxxed. Queensland has crept up to 46% fully vaxxed. Come on, people...

I am so tired of this plague bullshit.

Yesterday was a big spend because Beloved needs light. She now has some FEROCIOUS flourescents around the mirror and a lovely lamp for her bedside table. I may have to help her shift everything that's on there all the same.

We hoard. It's a thing.

Yeah, it cost me a bit, but it's a quality of life thing that was needed. IDK about reducing the hoard.

In the news:

  • Next 24 hours will tell if there is a lockdown
  • China has a power crisis
  • Gabby's family demands suspected murderer boyfriend turn himself in. Like that works
  • China maintains lies about the plague, fuelling global conspiracy theorists
  • CIA plotted to kill Julian Assange
  • Racist tells black couple to "stay in their hood" on camera and gets fired. I love it when kharma is fast
  • Maccas worker fired for filming their revenge on a rude customer
  • UK sexist about to get kicked to the curb for providing tampons to girlfriend after a fight with her
  • UFO sighted in Qld and NSW actually a Chinese rocket
  • Judge rules that it's COMPLETELY FAIR to fire a receptionist at an AGED CARE FACILITY for not getting the vax
  • Military mobilised in the UK regarding shortages and resulting riots

Onwards to today's story and another instalment of my terrible Tiefling's tale.