Day Two

A 8-post collection

Monday - Day Two

It is the day of the Great Unfuckening, which promises to be expensive because I spent an ENTIRE WEEK noping out of smaller unfuckening tasks. I get what I deserve and the consequences of my inaction.

I still have to get the following:

  • Coffee
  • TP
  • Cream
  • Heat lamp bulbs [not red coloured because OMG]
  • new shoes for Miss Chaos
  • new shorts from the uniform shop for same

And SOMEHOW save enough cashola to pay for the bathroom rennos because the bathroom sink is literally collapsing in on itself. [The cabinet's MDF, I said, It'll melt because all the water, I said. Don't worry about it, they said, it'll never melt in a million years. 20 Years Later, guess what firkin happened?]

Not happening this week, alas. I only have $1K to go [Powers damn it, I wish I had "only" $1K to spend however I liked. Flakk!] but it's that last bit that always hurts the most. Augh. Patient persistence.

Patient. Persistence.

In the news:

  • Continuing back and forth in Victoria and NSW regarding easing lockdowns and restrictions versus stretching them for even longer
  • No shock, crowds at the Melbourne Cup are not allowed to be at the race track
  • I predict that there will be some arseholes who break in anyway and cause another wave of plague nonsense because KARENS ARE EVERYWHERE
  • Many posties defend the AusPost CEO for the expenditure [all watches are worth five figures BTW] and I have to wonder if they're the people who got watches worth an ENTIRE CAR
  • Tasmania is the surprise economic giant coming up golden out of the plague
  • Fake Melania conspiracy arises again
  • There's a waterhole in Queensland that keeps killing people who swim in it and people keep going there to swim
  • Officials in Qatar allegedly found a premature infant in a bathroom [no word as to living or dead] and used this as an excuse to strip search women about to head out of there on a plane. Charming
  • Global daily cases of the plague hit half a million, most of them in the USA
  • Biden trolls Muppet with fake Covid Plan webpage
  • Dude chucked off airplane for saying racist slurs. His cause not helped by a cardboard Burger King crown that was his fashion choice du jour
  • La Nina threatens golf-ball sized hail this year. Yay. WAY past time to take climate change action

And now you know why I try to stay away from the news cycle for most of my day.

Story later, I'm farting around on the interwebs until Bus O'clock. Stay tuned to my twitter to see how many words got added to KOSBOB today.

Monday - Day 2

So KIABIL was gifted a mud cake and I was gifted a RAINBOW CAKE. We swapped because each much preferred the other. MeMum got to talk her head off. We all got to get some social time which we were all starved for.

Good times.

I also got to see Capt. S's kittens, which have just opened their eyes and are about to become Bumper Car Kittens(tm).

Today, I am completely solo and have the daunting task of attempting to unfuck

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Tuesday - Day 2

Another round of duck-hunt phone tag is scheduled sometime after 9AM today. I got the ansaphone yesterday and I suspect persistence today will get me past the case manager screening their calls tomorrow. Nothing like being a very nice and polite pain in the butt to get that administrivial assistance you need to get past the hedge of red tape.

In the headlines:

  • It's been revealed that the Muppet wanted to wear and reveal a superman suit/shirt [reports differ] upon his
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Wednesday - Day Two

The three little idiots who brought the last breakout into Queensland are now on trial and I have to admit that the schadenfreude is delicious. They're looking at five years' jail and $13K in fines. I hope that's each and not cumulative. The main charge is fraud since they profited from providing false documents. I'd slap on a layer of public endangerment as well, since this plague seems to be incrementally deadly.

Experts are saying that if "virgin" states/territories like Queensland

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Thursday - Day Two

Another day of zero cases, thank goodness. This morning's news feed on my phone had some dipshit from ASIO claiming that we should all do a "controlled burn" for herd immunity.

Dipshit doesn't understand how this plague works.

Fact: People are re-infected with the plague
Fact: People who survive are at risk of being chronically ill for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES
Fact: Though we have statistics on the death rate, we have NO statistics on the percentage of Long Haulers, and

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Sunday - Day Two

Hope blooms for me these school holidays. Maybe the Karen Squad has had enough of acting like entitled little brats and has actually grown a sense of consequence for their actions. There's still waiting until next Saturday to see if Brisbane's protests blow up.

In the news:

  • Victorians in the majority are staying at home and hating the people who keep protesting the ongoing lockdowns
  • Kmart now offers food storage solutions for $1
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the bulwarks for womens'
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Tuesday - Day 2

I have shrinky business going on and talking about how to handle Miss Chaos being obstinate at school versus how to help Mayhem with the social anxiety. It's not my job to fix everything, but I should be able to help a little bit.

The blackout didn't happen because it's actually happening on the 28th. I got my wires crossed. Shocker.

Which is why I double-checked my calendar today to make sure I have the shrinky business. Which I do. Of course

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Day Two and it's More Fuckshit

Science has discovered that the plague can hang around in the air in small doses, but it's unknown as to whether that's enough to infect someone. So far, the chain of circumstance is looking a bit convoluted for me to be very alarmed. Nevertheless, it does explain the Superspreader incidents.


  • Protests in South Korea have resulted in a spike in cases
  • More tears for tourism
  • NSW at under ten new cases per day
  • Covid-19 has a metallic taste according to one
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