Tuesday, Day 2, PLNs

I'm seeing my shrink today. Guaranteed that I'm going to bitch about the spineless jellies in the Repugnican party. And entheuse about the new bread flour because it's pretty awesome.

There's still seven active cases in the quarantine hotels, and a whole lot of nonsense going on. All over the firkin world.

Speaking of:

  • Deadlier pandemic "inevitable" say experts. We wouldn't be here if you wore your fucking mask KAREN
  • Our shy and retiring wildlife want to play some tennis, apparently. From what I can gather, the Melbourne Seagulls mistook the tennis balls for burgers and went into a feeding frenzy
  • Now that the Muppet's been acquitted from impeachment, the criminal probes are going ahead at warp nine
  • Plague was already pretty much all over everywhere in China before it got loose in the rest of the world, says the WHO
  • Nudism and tourism mesh in a number of unwise activities to do nude around Aus. A huge amount of our flora, fauna, and geography will bite you in the arse, so why have it hanging out there?
  • There are SEVEN plague mutations in the US and possibly counting. Way to go, Muppet
  • Arrests made during anti-lockdown protests. Yay. There were only three of them. Boo.
  • Melania now "bitter" about her legacy whilst in the lap of luxury. Maybe you should have though a bit about what you were doing?
  • Hoarder house with no reserve goes for $1.5 MILLION at auction. Better make that money back on ebay mate
  • Red Frogs now come in Sour
  • A museum actually apologizes for nicking native art, remains, and artifacts. Are they going to give them back? The article doesn't say

I have Patreon nonsense to arrange, and there's more than a bit of that. Let's get on with it.