Wednesday, Day 2, GOOOOOO!!!!

Plague news: No new cases, thirteen active ones that are all in hospital.

The last stage of Fixit Day is happening this morning when the cabinet guy comes around to make sure everything is sealed to heck and back. But otherwise we have a functioning bathroom vanity. Huzzah.

I didn't have the wherewithall to code anything yesterday because tradies in my house. At least I got the Patreon nonsense done. And the Instant. And my 500 words. Output successful.

More Terrible Tiefling Tale is due for my Wordpress people. As well as the daily tale and word quota. I may actually have the nonsense to do the programming I would like to do. We shall see.

In the news:

  • Victoria's lockdown going to be extended, blame the Knomiras
  • Plague could have spread to NSW
  • Once again, officials have fucked up after a crewman on an international ship has tested positive
  • Quarantine hotels are spreading the plague again
  • Yet another Knomira goes off on a plane
  • Anti-vaxxers go after Labor MP's Facebook, and they're using dog whistles
  • Man jailed for laundering bitcoin

I'm on to the Wordpress now. Yoiks and away.