Challenge #03065-H142: According to What Plan?

A young man, still a boy really, is Called To Adventure. His mother, well aware of the mortality rate of heroes, leaves the rest of her children with her unmarried sister and sets out on her OWN journey, to make sure that her eldest survives HIS journey. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows the story. A great and ancient wizard finds the hero foretold, who then goes across the country to fulfill a series of prophecies and finally defeat the ultimate evil, making a team of friends along the way. It should be smoother than a river stone.

Wraithvine had done all the research and was currently between mentees. Having put all the prophecies together and tracked down the scion, ze made the offer and waited. Nothing ever went smoothly. There was always gum in the works whenever ze attempted to operate off a script.

This time, the foretold hero of legend had his mother in tow. A stern brick of a woman whose hands were always moving at something. If her deity wasn't one of the Creators, then there was something else grievously wrong with the universe. She was currently knitting a sock and glaring at Wraithvine like a suspect fish at the markets.

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