Challenge #03064-H141: To Deal With Reformed Devils

the Deregulation brothers meet and start to work with with the gentleman that bought trash worlds and developed them into resorts.

Being the Fiscal Empire of Lodalute IS still a deregulation, and given how suspicious Deregulations are of anything from the Alliance, they are happy (and only a little suspicious) to offload their waste, and walking assets onto another Deregulation. -- Adam in Darwin

Rejuvinator Tars made sure ze had a full security escort when the two brothers turned up. Lodalute was Deregger space and anyone with CEO rank from Deregger space was automatically trouble. Ze pulled some Intimidators as well as trained Station Security agents and at least one of them had trained with the Immortal Master Twii. Just in case they wanted to step up from bringing the funny business and launch into an outright comedy contest.

The brothers Lodalute - Nigel and Steve - arrived in rather plain suits by Deregger standards and absolutely no tricks. They also came with a contract drafted by the CRC with their full consent. This was, as far as Deregger empires were concerned, unprecedented. Tars went straight for the fine print. All properly in order. No loopholes. No weird wording. Not even a giggle's worth of funny business.

"I'm not selling my resort to you or any Dereggers," Tars said, making hir limits known up front. If they were true to type, they would throw an outraged tantrum and try to intimidate hir. Which was why what they did next was such a shock.

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