Tuesday, Day 1, GET SET!

Plague news: no new cases, fourteen active cases, all of them are in hospital.

Today's the big day. It's Fixit Day. The cabinet guy is coming around in the morning and the plumber in the evening. No, I do not know how that is supposed to work either. Apparently, it's going to. I don't even know.

Today's half hour will be adding some code to allow me to input tags. Now that I know what bits of the code I'm using actually do. I'm getting more confident with this stuff. I think I can do it.

We shall see. My primary focus is making certain Pippi doesn't escape during the shenanigans.

In the news:

  • More tennis shenanigans
  • Government says all aged care residents have been vaxxed, media finds out difference
  • Teen on TikTok discovers dangerous hotel door flaw
  • Government says it's okay for aged care staff to work multiple facilities. Apparently, the very old in care are not that important
  • US Expat says Aussie KFC tastes fresher
  • Mum calls authorities on children who escaped quarantine. Good for her
  • Actor who played Tarzan presumed dead with wife in plane crash
  • Asteroid flyby on June First. Cue the apocalypse cults
  • Cyber-attacks shut down meatworks. The cows set for slaughter are going to be destroyed anyway. Sucks if the hackers were vegan, but this sort of horseshit saves zero fluffy animals

Onwards to Patreon and such.