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Challenge #03942-J290: The First Steps

May we see the CRC's point of view on what happened here? And how they helped this poor young person and all the ones they saved? -- Anon Guest

CRC Case File: Deregger Taro, confessed criminal offence - Parenting Without a License. Medical intervention necessary: Standard Deregger Poverty Intervention, eye exam, suspected dyslexia. Psychological benefit from supervised visits with prior charges. Immediate intervention, parent license verbal exam.

Taro sat nervously on what should have been a very comfortable chair. Automatically uncomfortable because Alliance spaces were so clean. Hell, ze was still uncomfortable with hir chosen pronouns. That sort of thing still felt illegal. Ze had a stutter when ze chose it. Even now that ze was clean and had good clothes, ze still thought of hirself as a filthy outsider to this place. That, at any moment, someone would declare it illegal for hir to even be here, and that would be the last time ze saw any kind of light.

Therapist Idyma recognised that tension in a cold second and said, "Please, make yourself comfortable." They were not surprised at all when Taro chose to sit on the floor, and joined hir there. Taking their ease. Incidentally showing Taro where the shelf-stable finger foods were stored. Conveniently ignoring the fact that Taro filled hir pockets with them before eating one hirself.

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Challenge #03825-J173: Educational Reforms

The pressure to do evil is immense, if there comes a day when I must “Discipline” you, please believe me that my only thought is of… protecting you. -- Anon Guest

Some traditions in education have to die. Some have to be actively murdered. Forcing left-handed people to only use their right hands, for instance. Or... being very strict with the Unwelcome Peoples.

"It's necessary," insisted Scholar Administator Brogitarius Zenonis, straight into the face of one of the Unwelcome. The fact that

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Challenge #03421-I133: Sharing? Inconceivable!

Several CEO's, disgusted on how disastrous many of the Deregger worlds have become secretly get together to start changing their own empires, making a tidy profit while doing so. First stop? Dedicating a couple of worlds to preserve and protect endangered species, not for hunting, or as pets, but to help restore nature's beauty. -- Anon Guest

"But... why? It's a planet full of resources. We should be exploiting it. Especially the live ones." Saxon clearly wasn't getting the program.

Maverick tried

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Challenge #03111-H203: Rewarding Consequences

It's been a few years since Mx. Edda had begun implementing new policies in order to win Healer Allie's favor and get the Healer to work with her in a more significant manner. Mx. Edda, though she found her profits lowered to start, is now shocked to find she has higher profits than ever before, as well as healthier, longer-lived, employees who actually greet her with smiles. -- Lessons

Change, especially the change Lucky Medik Allie

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Challenge #03064-H141: To Deal With Reformed Devils

the Deregulation brothers meet and start to work with with the gentleman that bought trash worlds and developed them into resorts.

Being the Fiscal Empire of Lodalute IS still a deregulation, and given how suspicious Deregulations are of anything from the Alliance, they are happy (and only a little suspicious) to offload their waste, and walking assets onto another Deregulation. -- Adam in Darwin

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Challenge #03010-H087: Secrets of the Network

They were the sons of the owner of a DeRegger system. Their father was the CEO above all other CEO's, and his word, and theirs by extension, were law. However, seeing all the degradation in the worlds their father commanded, they decided to change things. They'd had the best education money could buy, even being allowed to get a higher education in the Alliance worlds, "to know their infidelities, insanity, godlessness, and excess my sons" was their father's reason. However, that education

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Challenge #02967-H044: Our Freedom or Theirs?

People are curious as to what happens to the prisoners at Greystone. They believe punishment and harsh time is the only way to reform. But those sent to Greystone never leave. Families of those sent there are wondering where their family members are. A crew comes to ask to do an interview with some of the inmates and show the families life inside the prison.

Just kinda curious what would happen if the outside world, especially the families of inmates, would do

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Challenge #02247-F057: Slow Progress

Being an anxious over-thinker is hard. You usually scare yourself. -- Anon Guest

Why, oh why, did clinging to the very bottom rung of the social ladder feel like hanging desperately from a trapeze... roughly a hundred Sidu's up[1] and with no safety net? CL-3 tried not to hyperventilate and faint -again- as things continued to deviate from her expected norm. Not that she had been much better within her expected norm, but at least there was a routine. Everything changed

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