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Sunday, Stream Stuff and Things

I just finished the game stream, and am doing my pre-literature stretchies. Following Tale Foundry's stream, I shall get on with the daily tale.

Chapter Count: Finished Ch 352, about to commence 353. Getting closer and closer to my arbitrary limit where I believe I should wrap things up and finish up the dang STORY.

But I also have some plot to resolve in there as well, so I'm not going to rush too hard. And there's a lot of book 4 left and war brewing and I HATE writing battles so...

That's going to be fun.

I have an arbitrary amount of chapters before I get to that war, with plots and conflicts and people trying to skate out of responsibilities and other people trying to take advantage because of the situation.

My wrists always hurt on Sunday mornings, no matter what I do. Stretchies and all. I have no idea why. I'll unriddle it in time.

Meanwhile, I'll put my bracers and deep heat on and continue as planned.

Wednesday, Plague Day 2, Everything's Cancelled

My breakfast is a slight bit cold. My tea is a slight bit hot. As a result, I'm taking my pills with spoonfulls of tea so I don't burn my lips on the mug. I am hoping that I will be over the worst of it by Friday.

I might even have to pause the daily tale. I will see how I feel about stuff and nonsense after the painkillers kick in.

In my list of symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Backache
  • General creaky joints
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Friday, Self-care necessary

I did my wrists in by carrying a bag. Good gracious gravy, I am getting old. Lightening the load is going to be a PROCESS.

I have reduced what I need to a minimum, but the bag itself is still heavy. Blarg.

Lighter Bag Quest may be on, today. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I take very careful care of myself. Get help where I can, and otherwise take a breather from my three WIPs, dungeon building, and other shenanigans.

At least I

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Sunday, and another Day Zero (sigh)

Honestly, I'm making note of what day it is to help me keep track. The groundhoggening is real, folks. I had a glorious slug day yesterday and I now have a crick in my neck from Gamer Lean.

Today's case is related to a known one. Yay?

You know that old console thing where you'd shift your body or tilt the controller to influence your performance on the screen? That. Only apparently I get right up to my monitor and tilt my

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Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

I spent most of yesterday looking up and getting a crick in my neck, or going up and down from a step-stool. So my neck and neck muscles HURT and so to do my thighs.

Right after I publish today's Instant, I am having a nice hot soak. Then - potentially - a massage. Or at minimum a nice relax sesh with bad food and fun TV. I've earned it.

The plusses - Friendo now has a lovely set of uniformly beige

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So here's my morning

Wake up at 1AM because nanna nap earlier in the day. I also had sulphurous burps for reasons I couldn't fathom.

Gave up on sleep because busy day ahead and I could always nap in the car on the way there.

Settle down to the compy to start writing and begin feeling really sick. Sulphurous burps continue, hot feeling rises, as does nausea.

Adjourn to the loo to realise, once again, that two Kirks' brand Diet Creamy Sodas is one too many.

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Gaulish Swears...

So my previous queueing system decided to die. Without warning. And now I'm back to putting them in five minutes apart. Like a doof.

I hurt my wrists by doing all my creative projects, yesterday. I have learned, again, the perils of writing too much, too fast.

Any never to give my wrists a breather, I am using speech to text. It is, as always, very entertaining. Especially for anybody in peanut gallery.

Beloved saw my ranting, and though we haven't talked

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Aches and Pains

The rest day after Resistance Training is full of them. My trapezius, biceps, and thighs ache. I need a good long soak in a nice hot tub.

BUT, I know I have more muscle mass now. It really hurts.

Also, there's a low pressure system making itself known to my nose. So now the left eye socket of my face has a headachy pain. The lingering after-effects of getting my septum straightened. Joy.

As soon as I'm done with my daily story,

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I overdid it yesterday

I'm still not over this blasted bug, but I'm over enough to think that I can get back to healthy life.

In this case - it was a trip to the local shops to replace some foods and obtain a new potato chipper. You know the ones. The grid of blades that you feet spuds through and turn them into chips.

I was planning to use it on carrots, but that's not the story.

One trip to Woolies and one mall-crawl that

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Why do I hurt myself?

As you'd expect, Beloved and I played Factorio pretty much all damn day. It's deliciously distracting. As a direct result, it was already pretty late when we finally gave up on it to watch some TV.

Two episodes of Daredevil on Netflix.

And episodes of Daredevil are longer than one might expect.

So it was almost firkin midnight before we lurched off to bed. And well after midnight before I actually fell asleep.

I am paying the price today.


In other

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I am becoming an old fart

Or maybe I'm made of old farts, it's hard to tell. Or maybe it's the good old self-neglect at work.

I'm stiff. I'm sore. I'm worn out by going to the movies ffs. Going to bed doesn't give the rest it used to. The pillow is trying to kill me.

OK I probably need to find the right kind of pillow, but it seems to be an elusive beast that uses Brigadoon as it's sole habitat. Everything has memory foam cores, these

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So close, and yet...

::Cue Days of Our Lives music::

When we last left our heroes, MeMum was in a quantum state between being able to communicate online and not being able to communicate online... Telstra had taken twenty-four hours and counting to get back on a one-hour call-back... and Mayhem had forgotten all his Home Ec. crap at school.

Your humble Author is still poor. That $30 has to spend five business days in transit between PayPal and my bank accounts for no apparent reason.

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Health update

For my marvellous readers still with me, I have a news.

Neither good news, nor bad. Just news.

There is very little that medicine can do for my wrists. And also, very little that they can do for my heels.

The Spurs I have are a symptom rather than a cause. They show that I have ligaments that are pulling on the bottom of my heels.

All I can be done, in both cases, is the liberal application of anti-inflammation cream, and

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My humblest of apologies...




Today’s story may well be my last.

Not for lack of prompts. I have lots of prompts.

Not for lack of sales. I would do this even if my own mother never purchased a story.

It’s nothing you did or omitted. I promise.

It’s this fucking wrist. I did some damage to myself [NEVER SLEEP WITH ELASTIC ‘SOCK’ BRACER/BANDAGES ON, KIDDIES!] and I need to take a break from writing.

If you need me, I

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