Sunday, Stream Stuff and Things

I just finished the game stream, and am doing my pre-literature stretchies. Following Tale Foundry's stream, I shall get on with the daily tale.

Chapter Count: Finished Ch 352, about to commence 353. Getting closer and closer to my arbitrary limit where I believe I should wrap things up and finish up the dang STORY.

But I also have some plot to resolve in there as well, so I'm not going to rush too hard. And there's a lot of book 4 left and war brewing and I HATE writing battles so...

That's going to be fun.

I have an arbitrary amount of chapters before I get to that war, with plots and conflicts and people trying to skate out of responsibilities and other people trying to take advantage because of the situation.

My wrists always hurt on Sunday mornings, no matter what I do. Stretchies and all. I have no idea why. I'll unriddle it in time.

Meanwhile, I'll put my bracers and deep heat on and continue as planned.