Challenge #03997-J345: One Spell From Concerning

A mage, a very strong one, sought out Wraithvine and asked, very politely, if they would be be willing to spar her. She wanted to see how well her abilities matched to the legendary wizard's. Of course, this was a sparring match, not a full-blown wizard's duel where one was trying to kill the other, so while tiring, it would be safe enough. -- Anon Guest

For training purposes, no Wizard of a higher level is permitted to use harmful spells on their junior. Since Wraithvine has been learning and growing in power since the dawn of history[1], that meant only harmless spells could be used. Which gave Krajamar the Spectacular an opportunity to use some of the heavy lifters.

Spells that froze the body, silenced an area, transformed the opponent into something harmless and non-verbal. Spells that ruined fine co-ordination, or slowed time in an area. Spells that created darkness or caused confusion, or even enfeebled the mind or body. And, of course, prepared scrolls to clean up the area from rampant, wild, and clashing magics after it was all done. The first Wizard to run out of spells or become incapacitated was the one to lose.

The spectators, of course, were in bubbles of invulnerability for the duration.

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