Monday, Tale Foundry Reads, Continuing Technical Issues

My writing group is sharing their diverse tales today. A thing that will likely keep me until the afternoon.

In the meantime, I shall be doing my stretchies, working on the entry for next week, recording a chapter of Adapting, and maybe doing something for Chapter 353 of A Devil's Tale while I'm at it.

Perhaps even some minor tweaking to my work in Stencyl too.

Tomorrow is the day I don't have scheduled obligations, so that's the day I sally forth and help MeMum with tech issues [she needs a new printer, help with her Kindle, and probably a couple of other things besides], acquire a few necessary things and help Mum avoid the scrutiny of the Government along the way.

Heaven forfend that people on a pension tuck away a little something in case of disasters 9_9 Firkin right-wingers setting up "use it or lose it" situations for everyone who needs...


Best to be getting on with getting on.