Stream Shenanigans

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Sunday, Day 0, Shenanigans

Plague news:

  • 15 050 new cases
  • 84 807 total active cases
  • 884 hospitalisations
  • 52 in the ICU
  • 23 deaths
  • 8 096 total cases in First Nations People

Vax news:

  • 335 954 national doses
  • 58 148 Qld doses
  • 8 480 ACT doses
  • 100 781 NSW doses
  • 2 988 NT doses
  • 24 409 SA doses
  • 6 930 Tas doses
  • 92 697 Vic doses
  • 41 521 WA doses

Two of those Qld doses are myself and my Beloved. That's right! We've had our boosters. Huzzah.

I shall see how much it kicks my butt this time around.

Once more, I don't have many plans than be gentle to myself and get plenty of what my bod needs.

I might be sleeping a lot more. I certainly feel more tired more easily.

In insult-to-injury news, I have the world's tiniest and most painful zit on my left eyelid. RIGHT where I can't properly zap it. Dangit.

My day promises to be "fun".

In the news:

  • There's a newer, more virulent variant of Omicron and they still don't know if it's deadlier or not. Yay
  • Satellite pics show Russia on the warpath again
  • Arnold Schwartzenegger in 4-vehicle crash
  • Owner of 8K homes says there's an economic crisis and recommends Aussies get a "small loan" from their billionaire dads to weather the crisis [half-kidding, I didn't read the article but most of their advice is like this]
  • Meat Loaf was an antivaxxer before the plague hit
  • Solar power will account for half of the US power grid this year

Watch for Tale Foundry on Twitch, and when they announce this week's prompt, that's when I gear up to start my stream.

Sunday, Day 0, PLNs?

Plague news: Three new cases, all imports. There's twenty-nine total active cases, eighteen of those are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 84% first vax, 67% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72% first vax and 56% fully vaxxed.

We're going to need all those vaccines because NSW is opening up to a global influx of Knomiras who won't pay attention to any rule they don't like. Yay.

Beloved will be making something wonderful with very little of

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Monday, Day 0, Shenanigans!

Plague News: Two new cases, both imports. Thirty-four total active cases, nineteen are in hospital, and one's in the ICU. The vax information has vanished from the news site I know so let's find another source... got it. Australia's at 82% first vax, and almost 62% fully vaxxed. 72% of Queensland has had their first dose, with 52% having gained their second.

My spawns are getting their second dose tomorrow so we're doing our bit.

My PLN for today includes uploading the

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Sunday, Day 0, Stream 'n' Sleep

Plague news: Thirteen new cases, all local transmission. One hundred and forty-four total cases [that's a gross for the numerically uninitiated], seventy are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

Plague brain's got me taking writing lightly and that's okay. Most of my energy is going towards worrying about the firkin deadly disease going around everywhere and WHY are people STILL being dickheads about firkin basic safety precautions?


If Covid was a firkin serial killer you can bet everyone would be

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Sunday, Day 0, Stream

Plague news: Five new cases, none local and five imports. Forty-nine active with forty-three in hospital.

I've figured out TaleSpire and no, I won't be able to make all of Whitekeep in it. At least not until they have all of the extant Wizards maps available for DM customisation.

Which may never happen.

Which means I'll be better off figuring this horseshit out by hand on my iPad. Blargh.

In the news:

  • The only thing we should care about is Wimbledon
  • ...and
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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: four new cases, two of each import and local transmission. Forty-one total cases and all of them are in hospital. We're in day one of a three-day lockdown. Thanks, Knomiras.

Straight after I post here, I'm going to stream the creation of another flash fiction. Link in the list from the hamburger.

In the news:

  • Delta hits the headlines in relation to Queensland
  • Former Disney star did a racy photoshoot and now people are slamming him for it
  • Lockdown shenanigans
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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: Three new cases, two local, one import. Forty-one total cases and they're all in hospital.

I have a PLN to open up my Discord to all visitors [come join us!] and lowering the bar for that on my Patreon is one of my priorities this morning. Augh.

Plague vectors to the right of me, plague vectors to the left of me... BUT at least I have sanity projects so there's that.

In the news:

  • Mine worker the latest patient zero
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Sunday, Day 0, Stream Shenanigans again

Plague news: One new case, an import. Thirty-nine active cases, thirty-seven of those in hospital.

Toasty has a stream in the wee smol, and I am prepared with a nest of caffeine and other hydrations. The pln for today is to chillax and maybe, after the post-Toasty napnap, write an Instant.

I'm not really looking at the news, but there's some buckwild stuff happening in the fandom zone.


  • The people behind Supernatural are creating a prequel series? With somehow castiel involved?
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Sunday, Day 1, Stream

Plague news: twenty-six total cases, and all of them are in hospital. Yikes.

Toasty's doing a stream sometime real soon now. I wait in eager anticipation of that nonsense.

Didn't get any coding done yesterday because out and about trying to get stuff. We did get most stuff, but not the one thing that I had absent-mindedness about.

It was hollandaise sauce. They didn't have any. Ugh.

Not looking at the news. Just focussing on having some literature done before an early

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Sunday, Day 0, Stream Shenanigans

Plague news: 1 imported case. Domestic transmission at Day 2 without a new case. Fourteen total cases, ten are in hospital.

I am going to watch Toasty's stream in more than a few minutes. On my agenda, writing the FAQ for my app. Things are going apace. We actually have a minimally functional thing. Huzzah.

Next up: bells, whistles, functionality and accessibility.

But first... an FAQ.

Which I'm writing when I should be finishing this up. Onwards.

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Sunday, Day 0, Something New

Plague news: One new case, an import. Thirteen total cases and nine are in hospital. We're holding steady. Ish.

Bad news: the bread I made on Friday turned out to be sods. Dough in the middle. Bleh.

Good news: I now have purple hair. Pretty much the colour of plum jam.

Bad news: It's not that great a look considering my usual pallor. I need more vibrant colours in my life.

Good news: It was a great stream this morning and later

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Sunday, Day 0, Stream Day

Two new cases, both imports. Thirteen total and eleven in hospital. I just watched Toasty do their arting and am looking forward to hearing Tale Foundry read some stories. In between then and now, I am committing literature for your enjoyment and mine.

I should hope you enjoy my nonsense.

In the news:

  • Melbourne's syphilis outbreak is now above the fold
  • China stealth invading Bhutan
  • Billionaire calls Aussie bosses "parasites" for allowing workers to work from home. Maybe look in a mirror
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Sunday, Day 0, Stream Shenanigans

I don't have news regarding whether or not today's one case is an import or not, but I'm betting on import. There's sixty-three active cases and sixty-two of those are in hospital. Only one with the potential to be on the loose.

There's two streams today and I really hope to be awake for both. Fingers crossed.

The good news for me is that I started a ball rolling. Turns out Jobseek(er/ing) is no longer a thing and now there's

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Stream Morning, But...

I just got the news that Toasty's stream will be happening closer to 7AM than 1AM, so I theoretically have the time to do my output nonsense and whatnot before the fun begins.


With capital timing, Mayhem has come by for a bullshit session so my attentions are divided. Yay.

So I shall be attempting to write a story and sate Mayhem's desire for BS.

Wish me luck, I shall need it.

The news has only mentioned the reason why Victoria

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