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Sunday, Tale Foundry and a VICTORY!

Because I need napnaps, I count Sunday as my "light day". All I count for a win is writing a part of A Devil's Tale for this day.

If I do anything else today, that is also a win.

I think I should work on a map for a PLN'd game sesh with the rainbow crowd. Or two. Depends on my personal impetus at the time.

Chapter Count: Just wrote the first words in chapter 359 of A Devil's Tale. Which means that I shall VERY soon be starting the fourth firkin GoogDoc about this dang "brief little thing".

And also the third year.

Six chapters until I start posting a starting sentence a day on my socials.

As soon as Tale Foundry finishes, I shall get on with my daily tale on stream. Already victorious because I'm getting shit done.

Onwards, soon enough.

Sunday, Stream Stuff and Things

I just finished the game stream, and am doing my pre-literature stretchies. Following Tale Foundry's stream, I shall get on with the daily tale.

Chapter Count: Finished Ch 352, about to commence 353. Getting closer and closer to my arbitrary limit where I believe I should wrap things up and finish up the dang STORY.

But I also have some plot to resolve in there as well, so I'm not going to rush too hard. And there's a lot of book 4

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Sunday, Stream Stuff and Sleeps

I have done my stretchies, I have DM'd a session. I am about to commence my story stream. After I've done my instant fiction, I shall get some nap time in because this is pretty tiring no matter what I do.

That second cup of coffee is wearing off and I shall definitely need a napnap before posting.

Offerings shall be out in the open some time after I wake up.

Tomorrow, I brave the zombie hordes of Crimbo Shopping to get

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Sunday, Streaming Nonsense

I have done my stretchies, I have run some more dungeon, and I am about to do my story stream. Once I'm done learning about this one thing I'm watching.

And when I'm done writing this blog. And have published it.

I might be able to do a little more than normal now that I'm waking up at 4AM rather than 3AM, but results may vary. Depending entirely on my ability to want to do anything.

I may yet spend today catching

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Stream

I have had some MASSIVE LAG so part of my PLNs today involve uploading the complete game stream. I might have to do the same with the story stream, too.

Depends on how behaviour the streaming goes.

I'm still awake at the moment, so I may stay awake long enough to make sure those files get there. Time, as always, will tell.

I'm currently watching the Tale Foundry and about to launch. I'll at least make a start on my thoughts for

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Proceeding

I did my DM'ing, I did my story stream, had a sleep and now I'm up to publishing. Yay.

I made a start on chapter 334 of A Devil's Tale and I might get around to finishing it. I might even get as far as writing the next one.

I doubt, but it's good to hope.

I should also get on with reviewing other Foundry entries so I have a chance to be randomly selected for the reading next week.

All of

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Sunday, Streams and Stuff(tm)

We didn't have enough to play VTTRPG this morning, so Fiver and I played BG3 together. Much hilarity abounded.

The PLN today is the usual PLN for every day of the like. Do the tale, take a nap, finish up the rest of the nonsense.

I'm very much looking forward to the nap, if I must be honest.

For the rest of the day? Farting about and chilling. The cake is gone so I'm off the sugar once more. Behaving myself.


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Sunday, Stream Stuff and Nonsense

I got woken up at 2AM because my PHONE was on Daylight Savings and the rest of the house was not.


There may or may not be a game tonight which makes tomorrow - a long weekend day - even more interesting than expected.

I'm helping MeMum with tech troubles, and any other shenanigans we can manage when half of anything is shut.

I'm working on side projects as the Foundry has lag goblins. Story stream real soon now.

Remaining nonsense

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Sunday, Streamy Shenanigans and Further PLNs

The game broke up early thanks to Player Participation Failure. People had places to be and couldn't participate in the shenanigans in progress.

We'll be oscillating between TaleSpire and Owlbear for a bit, so that's going to be interesting. I'll be keeping both open for that gameplay. I'll have to remember how to share TaleSpire maps again.


We will be experiencing technical difficulties. We just have to adapt.

Today, I do my story stream. Afterwards happens entirely dependent on my ability

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Sunday, Streams and Sleeps and Stuff

We've just had a very interesting session, with my crew discovering how awful the carnival is. And gathering things that might just help them beat the big bads.

I intended this to be a one-shot intermission on their usual adventures with a side of Plot Vortex. It's now stretched into THREE sessions because my crew have an innate capacity for dicking around.

Tale Foundry is doing the reads as I type this and my immediate plns are: Write story, sleep, publish, then

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Sunday, Games and Streams and Fun Times

We're back into the game and, after some MONDO dicking around, the crew got into some PLOT!

Fenri has a surprise sister. Fiver's found her kid that she forgot she had, and both of them and the asshole that killed Fiver's lover are in a carnival in the thrall of an Archfey.

And I threw Marvellous Magical Marvin in there too. For the lols.

I have to make up a bunch of intelligent attractions that are also in the thrall of a

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Sunday, Streaming and Snuggles

As I write this, my Beloved is likely stirring herself from bed or is already in the markets with Adorable.

It's when they're done with THAT that Beloved boards a train and I go to pick her up for the rest of the day.

Fun times ahead for us.

In about half an hour, I shall be streaming some flash fiction. Thereafter, I may or may not take a napnap before my Beloved calls for a pickup.

It will loan me plenty

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Streams

Tale Foundry is finishing up. I'm about to start streaming and then I shall take Chaos for a walk around one block. One block to begin. Healthy exercise etc etc. Warm up to it and so on.

And then I shall likely have a napnap. Because awake since 3AM.

The other gaming crew is going tonight. So my day is going to be crowded and fun.

I shall need sleeps for sure.

Onwards ever onwards.

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and stream plns

Tale Foundry is doing its thing. I just finished making a lot of maps, and cussing about DungeonDraft crashing like a bitch.

Lots of Frustrate, this morning.

Beloved is coming home sometime today, so if I am streaming when she does, I may be understandably distracted.

I also have a loud as FUCK keyboard that is going to be a lot of tikkatakka noise on my stream. Sorry to the ASMR enthusiasts who may tune in.

Be prepared.

Chapter Count: About to

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Sunday, Streams and Dubious PLNs

Beloved and I were going to go out and acquire activewear that was relatively winter-proof.

Alas, we have run out of moneys. Or rather, Beloved has run out of moneys. So I shall be using my cash funds to do anything until payday.

So I might have to limit myself to just the leggings for the meanwhile.

I do not wish for my knees to freeze.

On the positive side, I now have enough Keto-snacks to keep me happy for quite some

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