Easily Distracted

A 7-post collection

Tuesday? Okay.

It was busy yesterday because lack of focus. It's busier today because lack of focus plus output on different sites today. Whee.

Further complications are added into this mess because Jolie has decided that she needs my personal love, affection, and round-the-clock attention. This includes singing her sad songs of loneliness, smoodging up to me, and attempting to trample my keyboard whilst also occupying the mouse mat.

I love her dearly, of course, and I lavish attention on her already, but GDI, I can't get anywhere if I do nothing.

Of course, all I want to do today is sleep and maybe write fanfic if I'm in the mood.

...also I think there's a wedding we must attend tomorrow...

I know nothing for sure.

Let the shenanigans ensue.

Not Getting the Hang of Thursdays

So the recycling collectors were hellishly early today. Causing me to have to do an urgent bin-run twice because I couldn't recall which week was recycling week.

My knees hate me now BTW.

I am more distracted than a kitten in a discotheque, this morrow and things are going S-L-O-W-L-Y as a direct result. With Mayhem sick at home with yet another Lurgi, it's looking like a lovely day to just... give up on doing anything productive.

But I'm not going to

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Oofty Goofty

So here's my morning:

  • Lie in bed until my back really complains
  • Attempt to get my work done
  • Trip over Factorio and decide to "just finish" one thing
  • Beloved shows me how to work with factory patterns
  • Whoops, it's time to go get the meat
  • Go fetch half a pig
  • Beloved mislays their wallet, forcing me (over-budget this week) to pay for it out of my hard-saved cashola
  • Promises to pay it back are briefly stalled as Beloved attempts to figure out
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Drastic change of PLN

Capt S cancelled on us when she heard that we were headed off from her place to be get home by two. Beloved's work cancelled on them for no reason whatsoever.

So we ended up pissing yesterday up the wall.


Today, we're doing everything we could have been doing yesterday if we weren't all busy waiting for others to get their collective shit together.

Because tomorrow is the day that school starts again. Maybe.

I haven't received any memos about Student

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I'm just easily distractible today. I just spent half an hour educating Tumblr on why Australia even has Road Trivia. Instead of, you know, doing my job.

Writing actually requires the person doing it to drift off into lala land. The problem is, this can happen without any writing happening at all.

And today, my goal in life is to get a "What the fuck, Australia?" type tag or reblog. Because those give me life.

Aussies love laughing at unsuspecting non-Australians. It's

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Today's my last day for writing Beauties and the Beastly so of course I'm procrastinating harder than ever. With all good luck, Beloved and I will be editing Adapting and then I'll be sending out Beauties to my lovely beta readers.

All of whom, I sincerely hope, will get back to me promptly about the contents of said novel. Instead of taking most of this novel's writing to do so.

Yes, I am still salty about that.

When I am of a

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