Monday, Reads and Stream

The group's reading their stories to each other, I cut my stretchies short so I could make it. Winter is making me sleep longer and Sundays do me no favours either.

Last night's difficulty sleeping was caused by me messing around and finding out in Garage Band via my iPad Pro. I got something and putting it all together is one of my goals of the day.

I got music. I got video. I just put the title and byline on my cover art. I have the narration. I just have to make it all into one thing.

Then I run it by my lovelies to see if it's any good. Yay.

Today's stream may or may not be impeded by my need for my new "bisexual" wrist bracers [they go both ways]. I blame cutting my stretchies short.

I need to get to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier so this shit does not keep happening. BUT I also have plans to entertain myself tonight. I haven't been taking a lot of me-time lately.

Leisure is important for recharging those mental batteries, after all.