Technical Difficulties

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Saturday, Parkrun and internet woes

We had one fuck of a storm last night and currently, our connection to the internet is limited to my phone.

Unless I can get everything fixed before bedtime, there's not going to be anything from me until further notice.

My phone data is limited, and I'm using some of it just too get this message out there.

Wish me luck. I am going to need it.

Plus side for my productivity - there's little else to do BUT write. Yay? IDK.

See you when things are back to normal.

Friday, Complications

There's a crack in the monitor of my Lappy, so it really truly had to go get some repairs. I didn't put it in yesterday because the dang forms took up all of my time and I therefore didn't get to test the lappy.


Because the repair people are in New South Wales, it's two business days' transit there, two more back, and whatever added days for the repair.

I'm going to be without my lappy for a week at the

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Thursday, Some Small Progress

I have given up on ClipStudio for the meanwhile, and have resolved myself towards creating an all-new, all-different cover for 2022's Year of Instants.

It's been a trial.

So far, I have created the very essential melty clock. Behold:

[Shown here, a clock with visible gears and the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions replaced with Dec, Mar, Jun, and Sep respectively. The bottom side of the clock is oozing and dripping as if it is becoming liquid]

Fingers crossed, it's a

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Friday, Continuing PLNs

I have cleaned out the Catio. I have fed my Starters and made The Bikkie. I have also recently consumed The Bikkie.

I have done the Blorbo meme over on Blajaj

So now I'm all set to do more set dressing, fic tagging, and chapter summarising.

I tried to do a new cover with Lunacy, but...

It's a bit on the pathetic side.

Look you:

[Shown here: The cover for 2022's Year of Instants as if made by someone who's heard it

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Friday, ALMOST incommunicado

I will admit, I am a dilly daddle dummins. Only this afternoon in the hairdressers did I realise that I could actually do my content work whilst my Beloved is still slumbering in the morning.

All that I miss out on is all the content on YouTube that I want to watch because preserving her rest is tantamount. I must unearth some headphones so I can listen to things and work like I'm used to doing at my desk.

And then maybe

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Tuesday, Glasses and Patreon

One of the nose-pieces of my glasses has dropped off and I'm unable to find it. So I have to get my shit together and head on up to the shops to get that fixed.

The bit of metal that a nosepiece fits into? Uncomfortable as all shit.

So after I'm done with this, I don clothing and seek the world outside my hermit cave house.

When I get back, that's when the content will flow.

I have a new tactic that

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Monday, Craptastic Computer Shenanigans

So my computer overheats and then nothing works when it does. If it gets above 85 Celcius, then literally everything falls over.

I have to hurry and publish since I managed to procrastinate my way to 77C and only have a few degrees until functionality apocalypse.

My plns include naps and writing more angst devil boi.

I just have to publish right now.

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Thursday, Workarounds

I have conquered the 10AM problem! At some point between 10AM and noon, my compy just decides it doesn't like working for some reason.

So, I wrap up my nonsense before or just after 10. Then go do something else on my lappy until it's literally after noon.

Then I get on with getting on with other stuff. I could plausibly tag fics on my lappy during this. I will probably end up writing an entire chapter of A Devil's Tale.


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Wednesday, Wordpress and Technical Issues

I spilled a bit of fizzy drink on my keyboard and the new one is a little on the temperamental side. It's not letting me do some things and writing with it promises to be a pain in the butt.

Also my compy doesn't like being active at 10AM for some reason.

Which means my normal goals are on hold until I figure out a work-around for that horseshit.

I'm doing my best. And if that includes a two-hour break until I

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Saturday, Parkrun, Catching Up


Yes, my dear readers, I am back online! The heat sink on my compy had some... issues.

But of course you want to hear about Friday.

5 AM:

I got up and knew I could not stream because everything was borked. So went ahead and unplugged everything and got rid of the garbage on my desk.

6 AM:

[Shown here: A corner desk with two monitors and a computer tower on it, there's a lot of mess on it, under

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Monday, Complications, and Plotting

We will be bidding a final farewell to Capt. S later in the week, and preparations are underway for the ceremony.

Later this week, there will be another cancellation of my stream, because I will be off on family stuff. And I'd be useless for streaming anyway because whilst my tears work, my voice quits. I can either speak or cry, and crying is no good for stream.

So my expected output will be... variable. Bereavement takes priority.

As for today... let

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So. Yesterday's PLN to go seeking publishers/agents went awry. Why? Because yet another instance of site skimming apps cropped up and this time, I had to take action.

Site skimmer apps are more or less little bots that go through other sites' content and present it as their own. Some are little more than cosmetic windows by which users can interface with the site, others... copy without permission.

What they all do is remove traffic from the origin site, so statistics

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Welp... Today Sucks Already

So. Mayhem sick at home. Me due to see my shrink. A plausible time window in which I could record and edit Inter-Mission but there's the whole issue about the interwebs being down. Again.

Just what I needed. Another absolute pain in the butt. Thanks. Fresh-made and ready for the anguish.

I'll get things sorted somehow, even if it is a pain in the butt. For instance - using my phone as a Wifi spot gets this message to you, my dear

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Whelp. There's some nasty...

Just when everything was coming up sunshine and lollipops, the interwebs goes down. So I'm using my phone data to do my awesome things. Which means you won't be seeing much of me online until that gets fixed.

Beloved has left the task of calling the Interwebs peeps to me, so that'll be happening sometime after the shopping expedition to The Place on the Corner. We need single-use plastic bags to cart away kitty poops.

It'd probably be better for the environment

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Oh shit, it's Thursday

Amazing how the week flies by.

I got some more cleaning happening, today. And this is after cooking up a whole mess of Cauli Cakes for Chaos.

On the pro side, I have at least a fortnight's worth of cakes from one and a half heads of cauliflower. On the no side, I have a fuckbunch of washing up because making cauli cakes gets intense.

On the super pro side, I got Beloved to cook us up some cheeseburger soup, which sounds

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