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Friday, Complications

There's a crack in the monitor of my Lappy, so it really truly had to go get some repairs. I didn't put it in yesterday because the dang forms took up all of my time and I therefore didn't get to test the lappy.


Because the repair people are in New South Wales, it's two business days' transit there, two more back, and whatever added days for the repair.

I'm going to be without my lappy for a week at the best. Possibly two. Three at the outer worst and maybe months if it requires parts from Tanegashima.

Which means that I must rely upon my iPad to be my security blanket and start praying that nothing goes wrong with THAT one.

The Bikkie is in motion, the catio is clean, and I am truly hoping that all goeth well with the lappy repair.

So now I try to get on with my daily offerings and start hoping for the best possible outcomes.

Onwards with that nonsense.

Challenge #03380-I092: Adhesive Coping Strategy

Face blind -- Anon Guest

Humans take odd things with them. Comfort toys, religious symbols, multitools... you name it. Human Najm brought a seemingly infinite supply of stickers, and offered them up to their crewmates.

"For your livesuits," Najm explained. "So I know who everyone is."

"We have nameplates for that," Captain Hrafn frowned. She could not understand this version of practicality. "And you can see our faces."

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Challenge #02963-H040: Stress Management Strategies

H - "I am... in a bad place right now. I will be ok when we can get back home and this calms down, don't worry. For right now though I might not experience the same reality that you do, and I need help staying... here."

A - "What do you need from me?"

H - "If you see me turn to look at something or listen to a sound, just say either Yes or No if you see/hear something there

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Challenge #02747-G190: Just Get the Bleeper App

A: cak-likna!

B: did you just swear?

A: I don’t know I say something random when I’m in pain

B: try not to say that again

A: wait it was a swear word?! -- Anon Guest

Offensensitivity is a peculiar thing. What offends one group might be perfectly normal. It is wise for travellers to check to see what's taboo in areas they are planning to visit for extended lengths of time. It's always wise to find out what's rude

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Challenge #02675-G118: The Bad Old Ways

A human got tired of the crew saying that humans are insane, so they decide to show their crew what true human insanity looks like by taking them on a field trip to the nearby insane asylum. (Bonus points if Said asylum happens to be Arkham Asylum.) -- Cheshire

[AN: Punishing the mentally disabled for being mentally disabled is not the best way to deal with that sort of thing. Besides, insanity is a matter of perspective, as I keep stating in

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Okay. Let's start to deal.

Beloved and I installed a new cat flap with a magnetic flap catch and pretty red handles for locks. The cats have to get used to the force necessary to dislodge the magnets, but that's relatively small beans.

I have money in my bank, and it's just enough to manage the budget and pay for my car's ransom. Next week is anyone's guess.

As always - anything you can buy from me [links to everything in the hamburger button, top right] will

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Challenge #02076-E252: Omniphobia

"You said it wouldn't be scary this time!"

"Technically I said it wouldn't be a monster. "

"It's a dragon!"

"I stand by my statement!" -- OohLookShiny

[AN: This is before they meet and rescue Marvin in Dirt's Worth]

Wraithvine mentally ticked 'dragon' off the list of beasts that ze could make hir phantom steed appear to be like. The problem was that Kobolds like the freshly-renamed Chrysanthemum were renowned for their craven cowardice and apparently terrified of every possible mount they could

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Challenge #02011-E187: Wrecked

Seeing as humans as tasked with mainly with protecting and defending a ship, regardless of their occupation and other roles they serve, how do the humans and their crew react when their ship is attacked? And if (when?) they fail?

How do humans cope with loss and failure when their more squishy Havenworlder friends need comforting the most? -- Anon Guest

The Sylph had learned what the Human phrase, "You go ahead, I'll catch up," really meant. And had had to use

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