Friday, Complications

There's a crack in the monitor of my Lappy, so it really truly had to go get some repairs. I didn't put it in yesterday because the dang forms took up all of my time and I therefore didn't get to test the lappy.


Because the repair people are in New South Wales, it's two business days' transit there, two more back, and whatever added days for the repair.

I'm going to be without my lappy for a week at the best. Possibly two. Three at the outer worst and maybe months if it requires parts from Tanegashima.

Which means that I must rely upon my iPad to be my security blanket and start praying that nothing goes wrong with THAT one.

The Bikkie is in motion, the catio is clean, and I am truly hoping that all goeth well with the lappy repair.

So now I try to get on with my daily offerings and start hoping for the best possible outcomes.

Onwards with that nonsense.