Challenge #03756-J103: Everyone Needs a Hobby

One is a dragon, the other a human cursed with immortality. They fell in love, and they spend their long life running a forge in a lovely small city. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Dragonforge, the first place to create and use Feathermetal. It, and neighbouring Redmine, are notorious for both this and insisting on remaining a little place in the middle of nowhere.

They could have made an empire on the basis of Feathermetal, but there was one thing that made them decide to stay away from such popularity. The primary reason they called it Dragonforge in the first place. The Dragon called Blufyre.

Ze was married to the metalsmith Cheyne Khommor, who had been cursed with a Dragon's lifespan at some distant time past. Whatever he had done to earn such punishment was long forgotten. He spent his days working on new metals, new weapons, and new armour.

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