Challenge #03757-J104: The Horrors of War

A playful poltergeist keeps pestering Wraithvine's apprentice. The kid is stuck in this world, not sure how to move to the next. So, instead, starts pestering the living, as any kid would, trying to get attention. -- Anon Guest

Some souls can't be returned to their bodies. Those who were killed in such a way that their body was obliterated have no body to return to. Even with the strongest resurrection spell at hand. The army of the risen were gathering as Strodius called them back for revenge against their murderer.

One, called in Strodius' ritual, was one that was stuck. Unable to move on, unable to come back. Overloaded with a smouldering malevolence and with few avenues to express it.

Since this lost soul was also a child of eight, their methods were less than charming. They could manifest boogers, draw insulting stick figures, and hum at all hours of the day and night. The fact that they had the wrong target was superfluous to them.

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