Friday, Continuing PLNs

I have cleaned out the Catio. I have fed my Starters and made The Bikkie. I have also recently consumed The Bikkie.

I have done the Blorbo meme over on Blajaj

So now I'm all set to do more set dressing, fic tagging, and chapter summarising.

I tried to do a new cover with Lunacy, but...

It's a bit on the pathetic side.

Look you:

[Shown here: The cover for 2022's Year of Instants as if made by someone who's heard it described from a dream.]

Attrocious. Not good enough. I am so frustrated with this.

I'll have another go at it later, but I want the final product to be better than this mess.

Yes, I have tried the Photoshop-but-web-app sites and not one of them could upload the PSD I have on file. Grr.

I shall have to search for a better option than the ones I have. Preferably one that fits my budget of $0


For now, what y'all are certainly here for: Story.