Tuesday, Glasses and Patreon

One of the nose-pieces of my glasses has dropped off and I'm unable to find it. So I have to get my shit together and head on up to the shops to get that fixed.

The bit of metal that a nosepiece fits into? Uncomfortable as all shit.

So after I'm done with this, I don clothing and seek the world outside my hermit cave house.

When I get back, that's when the content will flow.

I have a new tactic that might yet help with the temperature issues - turning the tower off after I've shut it down.


We'll see how it works.

I also need to get a new cover for one of my headphones. It might involve getting some cheap-as junker headphones and just nicking the covers off of them.

Because new headphones that will last cost way too much and replacing them because of a foam cover is bullshit.

I should get going with that.