Challenge #03676-J023: Learning of Life and...

A young orphan's pet has passed on, their mentor, a very kind giant who guards the orphanage, soothes the young human when they don't understand why their pet won't wake up. -- Anon Guest

Feslas found Allyl in the stables, cradling one of the barn cats. Which was limp and unresponsive and... very dead. Nobody had killed the beast. It had been an old cat before Allyl took a liking to sitting still in the sunshine and straw with the animals.

"She's not playing," complained Allyl. "She won't purr."

Feslas could easily hold the both of them in the palm of hir hand, and offered it to Allyl. Ze sat carefully, making sure ze didn't cause harm in the action. Allyl was four. These things could be devastating.

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