Thursday, Pressure Release

Beloved had a few ideas for my rant blog, this morning. Such as going off about things I like and why you should like them too. Honestly, it's probably a better vibe than yesterday's grousing about the Rona.

Plus I can promote various randos I appreciate on the interwebs. Share the love, et cetera.

Whilst wrangling my offerings, I am working on fixing the issues with OBS. There's an update going on as I type.

There was an idea to interview folks, but I'm more likely to get ignored by the people I follow than have an interview with them.

I might get some wisdom from Dr Chuck Tingle, since he seems like a pretty cool dude... but it's all a gamble.

I only have two subscribers to the new blog, but getting positive vibes out on the internet is probably better than being angry about things all the time.

I can at least try to share the love.

Be the change I want to see.

And maybe stop following the news about the Muppet and his fans for a while.