Sunday, We've Experienced Technical Difficulties

We had some admin issues that's resulted in me effectively twiddling my thumbs all firkin day, waiting for my Beloved to fix the issue.

I used to have instructions to make it go. Instructions that worked.

They don't work any more.

Either things have changed or the interface instructions need to change according to the OS. OR I just need to wait until Beloved deigns to glance at my messages.

This time it took half a day. I have waited days on end in the past. It's frustrating. At least Beloved has ceased telling me to fix it myself. I guess it's not as easy as it used to be.

Anyway... I've had my offerings up elsewhere for literal hours before right now. So let's get on with posting the story here. Because just one person actually cares about that.

Gotta look after my audience [Hi Mum!]