Challenge #04158-K140: In the Nick of Time

They were surrounded by attackers. Before Wraithvine, hir pet Lilbit, Bibrid, and Gikka could do much more, a warrior leapt down from the cliffside to fight, willing to die, to protect the wizard and hir friends. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine remembered thinking, I guess this is how I find out, and readying one last spell to put Lilbit somewhere far away from the strife. Bibrid was technically deathless. He would continue to exist afterwards. It might hurt, but he would continue to exist.

Out of magic. Out of spells - except that one - Wraithvine watched in growing concern as the army conquered hir defenses. They were cornered. There was no other way out. There was nothing left ze could do... and if Bibrid resumed hir true form, the army would only be more energised to kill them all.

Just as tiny Gnomish hands began to sprout electrum scales...

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