Game Nite

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Sunday, Game Night and Shenanigans

Tale Foundry is about to commence the weekly reads. I am prepping for the stream and the entry for this week's competition.

I voted for this one, but I only had a vague idea of what to do with it so... hoist by my own petard, I guess.

I also forgot what day it was, yesterday, so I owe my audience another read to make up for it.

I think I'm getting over the mild lurgi I picked up at Woolies, so that's some good news. Then I can get on with the rest of my nonsense.

Speaking of, there's a stream about to happen.

Thursday, Game Night and Other Things???

My compy almost died last night because of some weird-arse crap. Something needed scraping out of the circuitry and I was lost for what the problem was.

A problem that did not get fixed until pretty fucking close to midnight. Thank the Powers that I napped between the time of the problem (9PM) and the time of the fixing.

Otherwise, I would be useless for everyone and everything.

I need to talk to my Beloved about how to guarantee contact with her.

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Sunday, Game Night

I am sinking into Minecraft again, and I know exactly why. It's what I do when I have nothing I can do. It helps me feel like I'm getting something done.

Capt. S is on morphine, and doesn't have long. Beloved's going to be with her today, and I can't do anything.

Beloved is going through one of the worst experiences to survive, and I can NOT help.

So I fart around in Minecraft. Because it's something that I can do.


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Sunday, Game Night & Beginnings

I am going to try to summarise at least ten chapters of Adapting today. I have an early bedtime, so doing a little is better than doing nothing.

Same deal tomorrow, when Long Monday is going to be dragging at my usual levels.

I finally got inspiration to write the story for tale foundry. TIL that it takes roughly twenty-five minutes to write 350 words. Maybe as many as twenty, since I over-wrote a bit. But there you go.

It wouldn't be

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Sunday, Game Night?

Things are cancelling on me. My GM cancelled two games because Lurgi. Now Tale Foundry has cancelled because Lurgi.

I will not be cancelling my stream because Lurgi. Chill.

There's supposed to be a game tonight but there might be just me fiddling about on some patch of software. Again.

Content content content... I am not content with the need for content. Blargh.

BUT if I want an audience, I need to keep making it. Sigh.

I have plenty of time to

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Sunday, Continuing Shenanigans

There might not be a game night tonight? My crew of maniacs have no other plns and might call the whole thing off.

Which might make Monday a bit more interesting. Or less so.

Monday's stream may be heinously late because I slept all firkin night. We shall see.

Beloved is visiting Capt. S again and things aren't looking too happy for her. I have other shenanigans and can't be there and fulfill audience expectations and stay sane.

I have finished the

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Sunday, Game Night

Tale Foundry cancelled because Meatspace shenanigans. I should take the time to do a self care, but... eh. I have the dunwannas.

At a point between tonight and tomorrow, Fenri is running a game. This is going to be especially interesting since his computer is a pile of dogshit with a monitor attached and a few computer chips stuck in it.

I predict chaos.

I'm filling in time until I do my story stream for the day. I'll begin with the sifting,

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Sunday, Plague Day 13, Game Night

Looks like not many people are playing, tonight. I will finally get a guide to Drekki's spider spawners and get a wriggle on with making the grinder because string is a commodity we all need.

Me especially, because scaffolds are essential to my building process.

I have already created the story for this week's Tale Foundry challenge. Pruned and ready for reading. Of course my Patrons get a peek at the unedited version. With maybe a link to what the finished product

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Saturday, Plague Day 12, Game Night?

There might be D&D with my fellow Brisbane Lunatics tonight. There will definitely be games with my International Lunatics tomorrow night, because my voice is back up to snuff.

I start streaming my daily tales on that Long Monday. Whee.

Here's hoping I make it through.

This, my readers and friendos, is the acid test. If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere. I might be slow about it, but I can still do the things.


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Sunday, Tale Foundry plus Game Night

Procrastination is my copilot and if I don't quit that noise, I am going to pay for it later.

Gotta be kind to Future Nutter.

I now have a PLN of action to get Chaos' NDIS sorted at long freaking last. I should also make an appointment to see the quack because some parts of my physique have become very painful and will require medical intervention.

I'm also taking along my Beloved and some independent test results because the doctor I keep

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Saturday, Game Night Ho!

Tonight is another night for Gort to enter the shenanigans. Timing of everyone willing, of course.

In the meantime, I will do either one chamber or one void in TaleSpire. Building dungeon be hard. Blargh.

Then I shall think of something to add to Alfarell. If I am so inspired.

I am so tired today -_- I might just default to playing Minecraft with my fellow maniacs from D&D.

I need to go Redstone Hunting again. Hargle blargle. Always

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Sunday, Game Nite

We're still two more days away from payday, and squirming our way out from under the meteor of bills that have had us more or less hostage this past couple of weeks.

Life gets expensive.

Late stage capitalism bites big wind.

Come payday, we can get nice things. I might even be able to pay for Jolie's three-figure dental bill. I already feel guilty about waiting this long to get it fixed.

I'm also running out of pre-made meals and we are

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Sunday, Game Night PLNs

There's no D&D this week. We're playing Minecraft together. Which means that I have to make a new profile for that noise. That will be happening after the story post goes through.

Today, I will be messing around on Minecraft. Working on my potential base in Creative. Or writing some more A Devil's Tale because it has me by the Muse.

The Lurgi that Miss Chaos brought home has definitely hit Beloved hard. So much so that she has to

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Sunday, Game Night

It's the eve of Long Monday and I have prepared something of a character voice for my Tabaxi Rogue. I named her Curious Ink because melanistic leopard hide.

That will be happening tonight.

Today, I aim to finish the folding and sorting my Beloved left to me. She went off protesting the dumb-as-fuck swimming rule, and I stayed home to procrastinate.

If I get any content done before sleepytime, it is counted as bonus. Same rule for Long Monday.

I'm currently enjoying

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Saturday, Mor Laundry and Game Night(s)

There might be D&D tonight. There will be D&D tomorrow night. Either way, I am player this time and not controlling the game.

Between bouts of folding and sorting, I shall make an effort to build some chambers and/or build some world.

And also whilst I wait for Beloved to wake up and fold with me because Laundry is her system now and I no longer know where the clean and dry stuff is any more.


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