Sunday, Games and Streams and Fun Times

We're back into the game and, after some MONDO dicking around, the crew got into some PLOT!

Fenri has a surprise sister. Fiver's found her kid that she forgot she had, and both of them and the asshole that killed Fiver's lover are in a carnival in the thrall of an Archfey.

And I threw Marvellous Magical Marvin in there too. For the lols.

I have to make up a bunch of intelligent attractions that are also in the thrall of a so-far unnamed Archfey. Who I have made extremely stab-able. My players HATE them. So mission accomplished there.

Tale Foundry isn't streaming so I'm getting on with my daily tale live shortly after or during the writing of this.

I shall likely immediately go nap because HOLY SHIT this was a fun drain on my batteries.