Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I spent another night alone because Beloved was off helping Friendo Awesome fend off a house inspection yesterday.

I get to cuddle her again when she gets home at noonish.

And that I shall enjoy.

I shall be working on my offerings via stream today. Just as soon as TaleFoundry has finished the reads.

I might even write a little bit of a chapter at a later hour. Speaking of...

Chapter Count: Finished chapter 278 and about to launch 279. Hooray.

Miss Chaos wants a copy of Dwarf Fortress as well. Now the only family member who won't be playing it is Beloved.

She's going to get mighty tired of hearing about virtual Dwarves.

In other news... the keyboard I'm using is going bung. One of the arrow keys is unresponsive unless I really hammer at it. Which is just going to break it worse later on.

Kalloo kallay, another firkin three-figure firkin expense. Just what I didn't need in my life.


Can we have nice things happening now?