Challenge #03800-J147: Wanted Dearly Elsewhere

They went from village to village gathering children no one wanted. No matter what the species were. Where they went after? To a special village just for them, where they grew up knowing nothing but love and kindness. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows that Dragons have hoards. What's not as well known is the fact that some hoards are... non-standard.

Tambaga the Gleaming gathered hir hoards in the night, when people were prone to getting rid of them. Some were left in baskets on doorsteps with a blanket. Some of those even had a note. Most were left where few would look, like middens. Tambaga took them all. Kept them warm and safe.

Tambaga hoarded abandoned children. Ze took them in and cared for them and raised them in love. Ze gave them a home and an education, setting them up to live as they wished once they grew to adulthood. With time and patience, hir hoard had become a prosperous little village that bordered on becoming a town.

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