Challenge #03801-J148: For My Love

A human makes an alcohol substitute that has the property that, no matter who drinks it, the person starts to laugh. That's all it does. Tastes good, but it's called giggle juice for a reason. -- Anon Guest

Dagoburt Gluv had a great love. As an innkeeper, he saw a lot of people, and knew a lot of things by pure osmosis. He also knew, and wished to keep Samara Oatbeard as both friend and wife.

Samara came by once a week with loaves of ginger cake and pickled herrings for his patrons. She would always order the small beer[1] and something Dagoburt had cooked himself. She had to have noticed he was giving her the fancier pastries, or a little extra serving of her favourite vegetables. Just as he had noticed that she was putting a little extra effort into the ginger cakes. Or a few extra spices into the herring brine.

It was a slow and nervous courtship. Spectated of course by the Inn's regulars. Dagoburt often considered charging them extra on Odinsdays.

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