Thursday, Game Night and Dunwannas

The mood is "flop around and whine about everything" today. I took an abundance of time to haul myself out of a nice comfy bed.

I'm feeling "heavy" today and that generally means that I'm having a stealth asthma attack and can't get enough oxygen. Usually, the humidifier is a good option for making that go away.

If that fails, it's up the meds and hope for the best.

Or I figure out where the hair up my butt is and work out solutions.

Most of our problems this week are: Critical Money Failure.

The solution: Bunker down and wait, only getting what we need when we need it.

So OF FUCKING COURSE we instantly run out of cream and tissues. Frustrated Author Noises.

I will go on a supplies run in the fullness of time, but I want ONE day at home this week.

Teh PLNs? Make my offerings, read up on my friend Jonathan Harker, and probably messing about on Minecraft. I do need to make an iron farm, after all.

Just gotta figure out how and where I'm catching the zombie for that.

But first! Fiction!