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Sunday, Game morning & Tale Foundry

Just finished game time with the international maniacs. I'm watching Tale Foundry and about to ponder the prompt.

I also wish to get onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons to do the whole turnip thing. It's a THING. Turnips == profit + stock market joke.

So I'll be warming up the Switch to play whilst I listen to the Foundry.

Story happening live on stream after that. It's going to be fun. The cats wish to be fed hours ago.

Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Nite

Tale Foundry is about to stream, I am going to try recreating my usual trick of writing a story before the stream ends.

See how I go, as I have zero ideas for this week's prompt.

I shouldn't force it to be KoshDelia, but I keep thinking KoshDelia thoughts about it.


Also at some point today, I should make The Bikkie.

Tonight, I shall do the stream thing and y'all have a chance to catch me writing even more of A

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Sunday, Game Night

Where's yesterday's story and why wasn't it out like usual?


I over-extended myself on Parkrun this week (ow. It still hurts) and needed an extended nap. Added onto that is a cyclone headache thanks to a low pressure system with its centre somewhere near Vanuatu.

Fucking VANUATU!

The low extends closer to Queensland, but HOLY SHIT. Vanuatu. Deesh.

I also had a social engagement in the evening. Hurry though I may, I could not get the word out everywhere.

I'm working

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Monday, Game Morning

I have already been awake for four hours, now. Technically five. As soon as I stream, it shall be six.

So it's no surprise that my plans immediately following stream this morning include going to bed and catching some sleeps.

If any other output happens today, it is bonus material. And I owe two more chapters to the files for my beta readers because I will be working on chapter 169 sometime real soon now.

Best to get rattling because the stream

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Sunday, Game Night and the Future

I'm playing with my international maniacs, tonight. Which means I have less expectations. I don't even have to worry about Miss Chaos being ready for school.

Tale Foundry will start in a few minutes, and I will FOR SURE be trying to write the story entry early. I love doing that.

I finished another chapter of A Devil's Tale yesterday. Another one for MeMum to complain about. I might make progress on another one today. Still no ending in sight. I want

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

Tale Foundry will be live soon, which means I have a chance to do my favourite thing - work on a story for the prompt before the prompt is officially announced.

And there's Game Night tonight, which means I have an early sleep planned in the afternoon.

Looks like the game stream will be Minecraft. It might not. Time, as always, will tell.

Adding to my frustrations with TaleSpire is the fact that NOW they add in water blocks. So now one

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Sunday, Game Night Again

The game with the more local maniacs happened between eight and midnight last night, so I am even more worn-out bean than I should be.

So I shall publish this and then catch up on some sleeps before the story goes out.

Mum's got the ball rolling with a new floor, and set up a contingency plan because mortality is a thing. Yay I guess.

I have a story done, it just won't be posted for a while, and Beloved wants to

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Saturday, Game Night

We need more kitty fodder. We may also have to pick up kitty litter as well. I like having supplies in store in case of Yet Another Apocalypse. And we're due for a few.

La Nina is overdue to block all the roads with more floods. We have yet another outbreak of the Plague left in the "meh" zone of the news. Ongoing international horseshit is threatening the availability of literally everything and the only thing stopping me from getting a bunker

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Thursday, A Break?

Today's the day where I don't have output or sleep to worry about. I might have energy in the afternoon. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll still run out of battery because I have been off the ashwagandha for a week.

It's in the post.

I shall take some time for myself today and consider it well-earned.

I do indeed need it.

OR I might spend some more time on A Devil's Tale. Or minecraft. As you do.

I still have the usual stuff

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Sunday, Game Night & Unfucking Stuff

Beloved and I have a mutual way to monitor our spending, so that's a step on the long road towards fiscal stability.

My other steps are taking longer.

Like - getting books ready for publishers. And making my firkin APP ready for shipping out to the app stores. And individuating chapters for Mum's ease of access and thereby editorial input.

Which will be attacked in fits and bits at a little at a time. My PLN goes:

  • One week's of stories tagged
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Sunday, Game Night and Shenanigans

Tale Foundry is about to commence the weekly reads. I am prepping for the stream and the entry for this week's competition.

I voted for this one, but I only had a vague idea of what to do with it so... hoist by my own petard, I guess.

I also forgot what day it was, yesterday, so I owe my audience another read to make up for it.

I think I'm getting over the mild lurgi I picked up at Woolies, so

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Thursday, Game Night and Other Things???

My compy almost died last night because of some weird-arse crap. Something needed scraping out of the circuitry and I was lost for what the problem was.

A problem that did not get fixed until pretty fucking close to midnight. Thank the Powers that I napped between the time of the problem (9PM) and the time of the fixing.

Otherwise, I would be useless for everyone and everything.

I need to talk to my Beloved about how to guarantee contact with her.

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Sunday, Game Night

I am sinking into Minecraft again, and I know exactly why. It's what I do when I have nothing I can do. It helps me feel like I'm getting something done.

Capt. S is on morphine, and doesn't have long. Beloved's going to be with her today, and I can't do anything.

Beloved is going through one of the worst experiences to survive, and I can NOT help.

So I fart around in Minecraft. Because it's something that I can do.


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Sunday, Game Night & Beginnings

I am going to try to summarise at least ten chapters of Adapting today. I have an early bedtime, so doing a little is better than doing nothing.

Same deal tomorrow, when Long Monday is going to be dragging at my usual levels.

I finally got inspiration to write the story for tale foundry. TIL that it takes roughly twenty-five minutes to write 350 words. Maybe as many as twenty, since I over-wrote a bit. But there you go.

It wouldn't be

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Sunday, Game Night?

Things are cancelling on me. My GM cancelled two games because Lurgi. Now Tale Foundry has cancelled because Lurgi.

I will not be cancelling my stream because Lurgi. Chill.

There's supposed to be a game tonight but there might be just me fiddling about on some patch of software. Again.

Content content content... I am not content with the need for content. Blargh.

BUT if I want an audience, I need to keep making it. Sigh.

I have plenty of time to

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