New Start

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Sunday, Game Night & Beginnings

I am going to try to summarise at least ten chapters of Adapting today. I have an early bedtime, so doing a little is better than doing nothing.

Same deal tomorrow, when Long Monday is going to be dragging at my usual levels.

I finally got inspiration to write the story for tale foundry. TIL that it takes roughly twenty-five minutes to write 350 words. Maybe as many as twenty, since I over-wrote a bit. But there you go.

It wouldn't be Tale Foundry Day if I hadn't already written the next story before the prompt is announced XD

I will probably be playing Minecraft again, tonight, unless my international team of maniacs has other ideas. Time, as always, will tell.

Stream soon enough. And then I get on with getting on.


Second-last day of school for this term for Chaos, last day in Mayhem's term.

Everything on our little building site is wet and squishy and we have to drain it before we do anything and AAARGH!

Meanwhile, I did my first 3K of Kingdom of Sand and I am doing character pieces and I'm loving it.

Therefore, today's early rising was leisurely and most of my time is to be spent on editing more episodes of Oh My Mods. With an aim

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