Second-last day of school for this term for Chaos, last day in Mayhem's term.

Everything on our little building site is wet and squishy and we have to drain it before we do anything and AAARGH!

Meanwhile, I did my first 3K of Kingdom of Sand and I am doing character pieces and I'm loving it.

Therefore, today's early rising was leisurely and most of my time is to be spent on editing more episodes of Oh My Mods. With an aim to get more of those queued up.

Bit coin is rising, so I'm converting lots of that into USD in preparation for buying it on the way down. I'm playing the long game on that market. Patient persistence got me the lappy and it may yet get me an electric car. Woot. Believe in that dream, yadda yadda yadda.

It might even pay for a Hobbit House on our property and that's going to be lovely because guests don't have to put up with our accumulated goblin hoards. Oh, let that dream come true. Having a guest house means more opportunities to help people out, host relatives and friends, and so forth.

Ah, dreamland. It's so much better than reality.

Meanwhile, instant story, intermittent fanficcing, and figuring out if I can get that replacement board onto the frame are somewhere on a much more relaxed agenda.

I. Love. Relaxed agendas.