Pain Hurts

A 15-post collection

Tuesday, OW...

Day two of my firkin cyclone headache and I am on hold with the council. About a bill notice I got on email.

Apparently, I'm liveblogging this because I have now found out this biz is genuine and I have to call the recovery agency to verify the payment plan that I'm already using independently.

Isn't red tape FUN?

I've told the recovery people I'm already doing payments on the rates to the best of my ability. So now they're checking with the council to see if that's okay.

Even though I already checked that it's okay. So to recap:

  1. Talked to the council about my payments of the rates
  2. Told to talk to the debt recovery people about the payments I'm already making
  3. Did that
  4. Now they have to talk to the council and make sure the payments I've already cleared are fine and dandy.
  5. I will be getting an email about that at some point

Not certain it's worth the worsening of my headache.

I'll be farting around with things I've learned on Stencyl and making sure I have the assets in place for the Pseuducku game. Maybe even attempting a behaviour or two.

But first - offerings while sneezing my fool head off.

Tuesday, Patreon, Reads, and Other Tricks

Finally moved on to the next tutorial for Stencyl, and they have fucking MOVEMENT CODE for the mobs on the NEXT GORRAM PAGE.


I'll see what copying that code does for my extant Invaders game. Later today.

Once again, I woke up super early, but I at least had the sense to do my stretchies before setting to committing literature.

I still borked my wrists :P

BUT I have made some progress with Stencyl and shall be making an effort with

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Tuesday, Patreon, Chapters, and Owwies

I borked my wrists by finishing off chapter 341, this morning. So I can't do my stretchies because the bracers prevent that mobility.

I'm still too dumb to make Stencyl do a thing. I'm going to direct copy the code from someone and untick my failcode to see if that works. Next week. This week, my lovely Patrons hear about all my efforts at failing.


I'm going to try and be gentle with myself today. Attempt to keep my offerings brief.

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Monday, Backup Reads and Wrists

Remembering my stretchies is a trial. There's so many things I would rather do than stretchies. Including working out the second half of Chapter 340 of A Devil's Tale. I would rather try bashing my head against Stencyl again.

...I would really rather lie in and play games on my phone...

I'm having another incident of Morbs, and battling through a chapter where I don't know what I'm doing is not fun.

Doing all the dailies is not fun for me today.

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Tuesday, Patreon and OW

I have started my day with a cyclone headache. Whee fun.

I just used the stretches page I found before I started in with typing today. See how that goes. Tomorrow, I may actually follow the stretching instructions properly instead of going with what I felt was cool.

Even done wrong, it seems to be working.

I have a lot of things for my Patrons, but I really want to finish the chapter I started before I get on with that.


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Thursday, Game Night

I'm battling the morbs, this morning. So much is not working, including my wrists.

I'm going to be working with speech to text, today. All the better to rest my poor wrists.

I can only continue at the moment because I have my bracers on extra tight. Which is, of course, excruciating.

I have to decide what I'm doing, when I'm doing and how I'm doing it. And, of course, the quote-unquote helpful app decides to turn itself off at moments it

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Thursday, in a lot of pain

One quarter of my face is in agony. My super painkillers seem to only keep it muted but don't make it go away.

I have a gigantic mug of tea, all my meds, and no help from the rest of the QPP.

I left a message at 3AM and as far as I know, it hasn't been looked at closer to 8AM. It's easy to feel ignored and neglected when there's no feedback.

I am planning to get the daily offerings done

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Saturday, Parkrun and Inflammation

I should definitely be keeping my carbs down. I have evidence that I am not doing Keto properly. This time it's in my hands and not my lungs. Some painful knuckles in my right hand are making life difficult for me.

Nevertheless, I persist in writing. I think I'd find a way to write even if I didn't have hands any more.

Perish the thought.

We have a new friendo [gasp! A social life] who is also a writing nerd and she

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Sunday, Game Night

Where's yesterday's story and why wasn't it out like usual?


I over-extended myself on Parkrun this week (ow. It still hurts) and needed an extended nap. Added onto that is a cyclone headache thanks to a low pressure system with its centre somewhere near Vanuatu.

Fucking VANUATU!

The low extends closer to Queensland, but HOLY SHIT. Vanuatu. Deesh.

I also had a social engagement in the evening. Hurry though I may, I could not get the word out everywhere.

I'm working

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Saturday, Painful Start

I had some intestinal issues that highlight my need to self-maintain a bit more vigorously. Acquire meal schedule. Have healthier meals. Eat more fibre.

It's a little painful to sit at the moment. I shall leave it at that.

So far, my 2K summary stands at 500 words and I need to get more words in there.

I want to sleep through the day again, and that may yet happen.

Beloved is off doing a long walk for exercise and I am

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Thursday, Plague Day 3... Ow...

My head is splitting and I'm coughing up opaque stuff. I can't look at the colour because the headache makes me light sensitive.

I barely have a voice left, so calling the doctor for better painkillers and maybe antibiotics is going to be problematic at best.

Make that "definitely antibiotics". I just coughed up something very green.


I am a very sore, very tired bean. I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in and it looks like they're not being nice

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Painkillers good

I usually mix acetaminophen [Panadol to us Aussies, Tylenol to the US] and ibuprofen to get rid of my cyclone headache. It was not cutting it, yesterday.

We have a small supply of Panafen, which has codeine in it. Codeine metabolises into morphine, which is a way more effective painkiller. This stuff is tightly controlled, so when our supply runs out, it runs OUT. I'll be screwed.

The good news is that I only need one Panafen to make the killer headache

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Tropical Cyclone Trevor is now an ex-tropical cyclone, but apparently, I can still detect this rat bastard even though he's busy flooding the hell out of Alice Springs. I wasn't bothered by Trev's presence until he hit the far north of the Northern Territory... and I live in Southeast Queensland.

I have one HELL of a cyclone detection system.

I've taken some painkillers, but this shit is severe. Like. The entire left side of my head has a dull ache and the

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Disaster Cascade

I tripped on a chair, stubbed my toe, and completely bolloxed the heel of the same foot in the space of a few seconds.

In the process of hobbling to bed, I did something horrible to the opposite knee.

I need crutches just to get around, but before I got them, the rheumatism in both my wrists flared up and I needed to put my bracers on.

24 hours later, I’m not that much better.

My heel still hurts like

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Ow times a googolplex

So I tripped over a chair last night. No big deal, you might think.

I landed on my massively bad bone-bruised heel. 92.4 kilos of me, landing on one small area [about two square inches, if you feel like doing the math. And yes, I’m completely bipolar with metric choices] and you can guess it hurt like fuck.

It still hurts like fuck today.

I’m limping everywhere, when I have to move. I prefer not to move

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