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Challenge #03065-H142: According to What Plan?

A young man, still a boy really, is Called To Adventure. His mother, well aware of the mortality rate of heroes, leaves the rest of her children with her unmarried sister and sets out on her OWN journey, to make sure that her eldest survives HIS journey. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows the story. A great and ancient wizard finds the hero foretold, who then goes across the country to fulfill a series of prophecies and finally defeat the ultimate evil, making a team of friends along the way. It should be smoother than a river stone.

Wraithvine had done all the research and was currently between mentees. Having put all the prophecies together and tracked down the scion, ze made the offer and waited. Nothing ever went smoothly. There was always gum in the works whenever ze attempted to operate off a script.

This time, the foretold hero of legend had his mother in tow. A stern brick of a woman whose hands were always moving at something. If her deity wasn't one of the Creators, then there was something else grievously wrong with the universe. She was currently knitting a sock and glaring at Wraithvine like a suspect fish at the markets.

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Challenge #02740-G183: Got Your Back

Bold of you to assume I reached peak dumbass -- Anon Guest

There are plans that are works of art. There are other plans, much like this one, that seem to have been produced by wiping one's bodily waste expulsions all over the blueprint page. There's half-assed plans and... whatever this was.

It was equal parts improvisation, desperation, innovation, and flat-out perspiration. After the lingering echoes of all the explosions died down and they were safe in the middle of a host

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Aaaah holidays

There's something about the school holidays that just makes me want to lie in until my back aches. At least I wasn't waylaid by Steamworld Heist, today. Just a solid dollop of The Lazies.

I want to take care of a drift of boxed debris as part of tidying up for Yuletide, but Beloved insists that all boxes going into the big shed must be sealed and labled. I'm thinking of making Beloved to it with my help. It's a cool enough

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Achievement Unlocked!

I made it all the way around the walk without needing my puffer this morning!

Alas, however I carry my brolly, it's going to hurt my wrist. Carrying it under my elbow actually hurts more because I have to wrap my arm around it for stability. I may have to make that scabbard, after all.

I'll look very silly, but at least my joints won't ache.

It's humid, this morning, and I'm feeling the heat. Air conditioning would be marvellous, but I

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Time for Science!

Today, when I'm done with my writing, I am taking one of the pretty bottles I got for my artisinal rosemary product gift basket[now featuring mint], and I am going to use it... FOR SCIENCE!

These are wibbly wobbly pretty bottles, and I'm doing nine of everything, but for these ones... I am measuring their collective liquid volume.

Yep. I'm filling a bottle nine times and emptying it into a measuring cup so I know how much high-quality vinegar to purchase.

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We've started on our supplies...

My goal for this week and next week is to spend as little as humanly possible so that we have more money to save for Christmas.

The artisinal rosemary products are going to crap on that, more than a little. Mostly owing to the fact that I will have to purchase some tools and find a source of bulk white wine vinegar. Might have to discuss that with Beloved.

I'm doing nine bottles of dried leaves, eight of rosemary oil and six

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A breath of fresh... meat?

We got paid, we got paid! Kaloo kalay, O frabjous day!

I was not about to turn around and spend it all in one place, dear readers. I went to every last cheap zone I knew to get hold of some cheap noms. And some equally cheap plastic containers.

The golden circle factory outlet does some marvelous deals, and I took advantage of them. I now own a metric fuckton of rice, some juices for the kids, and more beetroot than I

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After eleven days of ponies...

You get this. An explaination as to why eleven days of ponies.

Long story short, the Internet died at home and I can no longer rearrange my posts, and posting more is a pain in the arse on my mobile devices.

But fret not, loyal followers! Soon, I shall be posting from/about Thailand! Pretty pictures, ahoy. Diatribes about why can’t we do X possibly accompanying same.

And in other news, the Hound has reached a point of annoyance where

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Thailand soon!

It’s the 13th of April. Nine days to go until I’m off to Foreign Parts.

I need to get a letter from my doctor explaining the meds I’m taking. I NEED a tetanus booster.

I need to get fresh meds so customs doesn’t go after me for having partially-used meds. Lord knows how I’m going to hack the trip BACK… The obviously can’t remain sealed y'know.

I need to

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I got the sweetest present for Easter, this year, and I’m not talking a life-sized effigy of myself in the world’s best chocolates, sans liquers.

…though that would be cool…

Hubby went and got me a Mac Lunchbox. I mean, a Mac Mini. Estimated lifespan, two years, given the lifespans of past Mac Minis in my “tender” care.

I’m still in the process of wrassling content off the old laptop and onto

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Last week off my feet

It’s Wednesday of the last week I’m supposed to stay off my sore foot. Come Monday, the crutches go back to the chemist’s and I pretty much have to clean up after all of the slobs who left everything to the forces of entropy.

I’m already gnashing my teeth.

Right now, whenever I put weight on to my sore foot, it hurts like there’s something sharp stuck in the heel. It probably

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So I've arranged a little something in my queue...

Basically, I had nothing to write, yesterday [27th Feb] and queued up all my attempts at Doctor Whooves care of Generalzoi’s pony maker flash-toy. Then I found out I did have something to say and had to rearrange things.

‘Cause who wants eleven days of ponies before you get to find out stuff?

…okay, so some folks might want to see it. Desperately. I can promise you it’s not that magical. Really.

So from now on,

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Baby shower’s been cancelled, because the baby in question’s been born.

The Mum will still need my unpatented first Mum’s survival kit, so we’ll have to arrange to visit sometime RSN.

With, or without the frikkin’ sarong.

So now Mum-in-law has to rattle up here to get the paperwork to get it back to the friend so she can initial it and get it back to me so I can submit it and

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It's all shaping up.

It looks like everything’s coming together. Things are moving in the right direction.

So of course, I’m reacting to this good fortune by acting like a paranoiac under Damocles’ sword.

Waiting for the shoe to drop. Waiting for the next big disaster.

Waiting for, in this case, my birth certificate to turn up in the mail so I can complete my passport application and file that fucker.

…waiting for Godot.

No, not really. Just… living

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