It Won'T Last

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I got the sweetest present for Easter, this year, and I’m not talking a life-sized effigy of myself in the world’s best chocolates, sans liquers.

…though that would be cool…

Hubby went and got me a Mac Lunchbox. I mean, a Mac Mini. Estimated lifespan, two years, given the lifespans of past Mac Minis in my “tender” care.

I’m still in the process of wrassling content off the old laptop and onto the new mac. Something that can only be done for the two hours a day that the old laptop deigns to consent to being activated and doing something.

It may take some time.

But never fret! This is only slowing me down. It is NOT discouraging my quest to make some dosh.

But, it is Easter Sunday, and we have an egg hunt to plot [MWA-HAHAHA…] after a trip to scenic Coominya. I shit you not.

And we can’t all take one car ‘cause the trip back will include two kids, a ton of chocolate and a dog.

Fun fun fun.