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Great start

I have plans. I have a time limit. And I'm spending some of that time watching David Bennett eat a sandwich(and make beautiful music) live on YouTube.

I just keep on winning.

On the plus side, Beloved and I did get to do some -ah- intense shopping. I got to see the place where my love got all the expensive sound gear and got a fuckton of equally expensive records.

I don't know if I like them as a vinyl shopping arena. They don't really look after anything they can't sell for $30 or above. So... yeah. I came home with more than a few rescue LP's. And practically ALL of the singles I grabbed are rescues because the way this mob treats their singles is horrible.

And now I need somewhere to safely store all my singles, because my current milk crate is full. Does any vinyl aficionado have any hints and tips for safe single storage, because I have singles stacked on top of singles, and they're all filthy and half of them don't have proper dustcovers and AAAAARRRGH...

Gonna look up singles dustcovers that I can get (a) locally and (b) cheap because I'm going to frelling need them if I want to save as much smol vinyl as I can.

OR I could encourage any of my dear readers who also love vinyl to go visit and rescue as many singles as you hold dear. But I can't remember its name or where it is, but the singles are CHEAP AS FUCK because they don't value them. [I quote: "Nobody wants the singles."]

They're literally crammed in the box underneath the higher-selling items and there is no care taken in the cramming. It breaks my heart. Singles used to be my LIFE when I was a kid, because I couldn't afford shit all else. And if you find ones without covers, just bet that they're scratched to shit. Artists use those for projects, but beyond that, they're not playable.

BUT I did also take this week's statistics, so here they are. From last week:

Weight: 77.7
Fat Weight: 35.4
Waist/Height: 0.564
Blood sugar: 4.1
Blood Ketones: 2.6
Breath Ketones: 7.8

So yeah, I really need to hit the rowing machine twice a week. Beloved or no Beloved to egg me on. And stop sneaking so many peanuts. Because carbs.

I have found a source of roasted and salty macadamias, but those things are EXPENSIVE. Peanuts are cheaper and readily available. I have Brie, but Brie melts on my desk, and going as far as the fridge is a little too much effort to get some fats. IDK. I should just firkin make myself eat some tasty GD cheese.

Bleh. I suck at looking after myself.

A little help?

I’m taking a Sanity Day, today. And as such, I’m foisting off as many personal frustrations as I can onto other people :D

Those of you who follow steampoweredgiraffe would also know that our beloved samhears has told us to prompt him with any text scene we’d like him to draw.

…given that I’m rather prolific and my assorted fictions are scattered through three years of prompts and assorted inspirations…

I’d like you to kindly

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Training up the Baby Tongue

Okay, so I will admit to having a diet free of anything slightly burn-ish. The spiciest thing I cook is chilli con carne sans the chilli, and with a moderate amount of ginger instead.

Trouble is, everything everywhere is full of hotter spices than a splash of ginger.

And I often can’t stand it.

I need to train up to withstand the spicier stuff. And I need to do so in such a way as to not turn me off

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Prove me right, internet!

My best beloved and chief source of angst claims that a duct tape wallet I have designed is going to be impossible to build.

Their basis of evidence? The fact that no-one has done it before.

This is a three-fold wallet/clutch with a fold-out area for excess cards (I get lots of the bastards) and two money/paper pockets and a zipper coin holder.

I have been unable to find instructions for the clutch of my dreams and I despise video

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Progress report of a sort

Okay, so I finally got off my divot and transferred my soon-to-be-released free book into MSWord 7 ‘cause that’s the only editor that exists for the nice folks at Smashwords 9_9

Now I’m just waiting for @xotxot to get back to me about the cover.

I’m getting nervous. As I usually do when my success at a plan is entirely dependant on someone else. I’ve had plans of mine fail purely because

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After eleven days of ponies...

You get this. An explaination as to why eleven days of ponies.

Long story short, the Internet died at home and I can no longer rearrange my posts, and posting more is a pain in the arse on my mobile devices.

But fret not, loyal followers! Soon, I shall be posting from/about Thailand! Pretty pictures, ahoy. Diatribes about why can’t we do X possibly accompanying same.

And in other news, the Hound has reached a point of annoyance where

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