Great start

I have plans. I have a time limit. And I'm spending some of that time watching David Bennett eat a sandwich(and make beautiful music) live on YouTube.

I just keep on winning.

On the plus side, Beloved and I did get to do some -ah- intense shopping. I got to see the place where my love got all the expensive sound gear and got a fuckton of equally expensive records.

I don't know if I like them as a vinyl shopping arena. They don't really look after anything they can't sell for $30 or above. So... yeah. I came home with more than a few rescue LP's. And practically ALL of the singles I grabbed are rescues because the way this mob treats their singles is horrible.

And now I need somewhere to safely store all my singles, because my current milk crate is full. Does any vinyl aficionado have any hints and tips for safe single storage, because I have singles stacked on top of singles, and they're all filthy and half of them don't have proper dustcovers and AAAAARRRGH...

Gonna look up singles dustcovers that I can get (a) locally and (b) cheap because I'm going to frelling need them if I want to save as much smol vinyl as I can.

OR I could encourage any of my dear readers who also love vinyl to go visit and rescue as many singles as you hold dear. But I can't remember its name or where it is, but the singles are CHEAP AS FUCK because they don't value them. [I quote: "Nobody wants the singles."]

They're literally crammed in the box underneath the higher-selling items and there is no care taken in the cramming. It breaks my heart. Singles used to be my LIFE when I was a kid, because I couldn't afford shit all else. And if you find ones without covers, just bet that they're scratched to shit. Artists use those for projects, but beyond that, they're not playable.

BUT I did also take this week's statistics, so here they are. From last week:

Weight: 77.7
Fat Weight: 35.4
Waist/Height: 0.564
Blood sugar: 4.1
Blood Ketones: 2.6
Breath Ketones: 7.8

So yeah, I really need to hit the rowing machine twice a week. Beloved or no Beloved to egg me on. And stop sneaking so many peanuts. Because carbs.

I have found a source of roasted and salty macadamias, but those things are EXPENSIVE. Peanuts are cheaper and readily available. I have Brie, but Brie melts on my desk, and going as far as the fridge is a little too much effort to get some fats. IDK. I should just firkin make myself eat some tasty GD cheese.

Bleh. I suck at looking after myself.