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Challenge #02842-G285: It Happened So Fast

For some, killing is easy. They feel absolutely nothing for it. For others, killing is like ripping apart a piece of their very soul. He wept. Tears sliding down his face as the body lay on the ground before him. He'd agreed to be a guide to the small mixed group of haven worlders and death worlders through the shopping center, but he had never thought it would end up in a confrontation. The person was raving, either they were insane, on some sort of drug, or they really did have hatred towards those who were not like them.

The fight didn't last long, he'd not realized the item he'd grabbed was sharp, he was just trying to defend himself and the ones with him. And now the being lay deceased before him and the mixed group with him were traumatized. And all he could do is stand there and weep. Because what he'd been forced to do hurt to the core. -- Anon Guest

It happened so fast. She had been guide to Havenworlder tourists and thusly had defensive training, focussing on the field of education[1]. So, when the angry raving individual came at them with the obvious intent to cause harm to the soft and squishy aliens in the room, Lila had acted on instinct. Grab the nearest inanimate object and use it to make the enemy stop.

She had intended to block and redirect the charging body with it. She didn't know she had a plasma knife until the body fell to a complete standstill. Killed in one desperate strike that wasn't intended to kill. Intent or not, the potential attacker was now cooling gently before their eyes.

Lila turned the plasma knife off and put it down by her feet. Render weapon safe, check. Next, she turned to her Havenworlder tourists. "Who has taken their calm meds? Show hands." All showed their hands. Good. They would be physically well for the meantime. "Who has their offensensitivity filters on? Show hands." Again, they all showed their hands. Charges safe, check.

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Challenge #02049-E225: A Tiny Terror in Tulle

"You're my bestest friend ever!" "Because I supply you with deadly weapons?" "That's what only the best of friends would do!" -- TheDragonsFlame

[AN: Now I want a Google Search image with "Did you mean 'Bangladesh Dupree'?" in it]

It wasn't easy, working for Princess Hakenslash. She was going to be a fine Warrior Queen one day, presuming she survived to achieve the crown. She was eight, and already a terror in pink tulle and play fairy wings[1]. She wanted nothing

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After eleven days of ponies...

You get this. An explaination as to why eleven days of ponies.

Long story short, the Internet died at home and I can no longer rearrange my posts, and posting more is a pain in the arse on my mobile devices.

But fret not, loyal followers! Soon, I shall be posting from/about Thailand! Pretty pictures, ahoy. Diatribes about why can’t we do X possibly accompanying same.

And in other news, the Hound has reached a point of annoyance where

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As the Drama Flies...

I usually name my mythical soap operas _All My [NOUN]s_, mad-lib style. But my life is definitely As the Drama Flies. And believe me, it’s flying pretty damn low, right now.

Got some expensive and some not-so-expensive stuff to try and train the hound not to chew shit he shouldn’t chew. Neither of said stuff is waterproof.

Gave selfsame stuff to Hubby and Mostly Shiftless. It hasn’t been seen since.

It rained.

Dog decided to

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Progress and AntiProgress

Sir Terry Pratchett argued convincingly that everything must have it’s opposite. Not just the light-dark opposite, but the opposite that goes through the conventional, traditional opposite and out the other side.

We have progress. What I’m having is a kind of anti-progress that has gone through retention and out the other side.

I am getting fit enough to take the dog around two blocks -yay- BUT, on the anti-progress side, I’ve been struck from asthma as

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