Challenge #03581-I292: Weighted Memories

Other than times on official duty, our human often wears a backpack with small, but very heavy, metal balls. Especially when they were on the small exercise area set up for them that included some treadmills, exercycles, and other equipment. We wonder, why burden themself like that while exercising, especially since it's a normal 1 grav environment already? -- Anon Guest

Humans, it is widely known, are strange. Human Xia is stranger than most. When not on duty, she purposely weighs herself down. We, the Companions and crew of the Flesther Kaiju[1] are befuddled by the habit.

Whenever she "works out", she wears weighted wristbands, anklets, and a pack. Each full of heavy metal spheres that serve no other purpose. She wears them whilst running. She wears them whilst cycling. She wears them whilst repetitively lifting other weights. It is not for bone strength, since the ship is a single Standard Gravity[2] for the comfort of all.

There should be few circumstances in which practicing for stronger gravity would be useful. Or so we presumed.

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