Friday, Unfuckening and Unriddling

The record player is now in its proper place! Yay. Now the problem is that the power cord isn't powering the thing. Boo. It's a hellaciously expensive record player, so I doubt the whole thing has gone to Silicone Heaven.

It's probably the power cord. And if it isn't the power cord, then it's the power plug. We shall be doing some investigations when both of us are conscious.

I really hope that we're not down an entire hellfuck expensive record player from better days when we could afford nice things. That would suck.

And I would have nothing to play my vinyl albums with. Which, you know, sucks because I'm something of an audiophile.

...I wanna play my vinyls again...

BUT I'm also cleaning the Catio and attempting to unfuck something else in the household environment. Maybe getting rid of the flowers that have died. I dunno.

I am obviously procrastinating on getting started on the 2K summary of Adapting. It's going to suck balls doing it.

...kind of helps that the by-chapter summary is just a squinch over 2K anyway.

I could possibly edit that. I should do a better job than "just editing" that down. I should do themes and stuff.

...but not today.

I'd really rather write my anguished, angsty devil-boy yearning for true love. It's got all my buttons in it.

I shall get on with getting on and slowly approach the task I dread.

Fingers crossed, it's easier than I think it is.