Challenge #03582-I293: Unlikable When Angry

Going aboard station, they took a deep breath and reported to security. They asked to see medical because they had a problem. A bad temper. They were normally very kind, but when they lost their temper, they had a very hard time stopping if they started to swing, and last time, they hurt someone very badly. They were looking for help, because they were afraid, if they got mad enough, it would happen again. -- Anon Guest

"Anger. Inhibitors," repeated Medik Fleam, trying to ascertain if this incoming Human was more insane than their reported need indicated. They raised a brow-ridge. "You want biochemical intervention for anger."

The otherwise quiet and unassuming Human was soft-spoken and meek. Ze wrung hir hands as ze spoke. "When I get angry, it's... always over the top. I destroy things. People. And I just... don't... stop. Not until I run out of power. I'm not even me when it happens. There's... no memory or will behind it, I just... tear everything to pieces. It's not right. I've endangered my crew. I've endangered my ship. It needs to stop."

Oh. Oh. They'd heard about this. "Sudden onset of blinding fury. Lost time... You are a berserker, Human Niek. The good news is that the B'Nari have a cerebral chip for that."

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