Saturday, Unriddling Continueth

So the record player thing is turning into a bit of a saga. Whoops. Nothing is ever easy because snobs about audio stuff had to make things difficult.

The new power cord works, yay, but the speakers that should have been plug-and-play are incapable of anything more than a squeak. On one speaker instead of two.

We needed an amp.

Good news! We have one of those. Bad news! It weighs about fifteen hundred kilos [hyperbole] and bent the shelf whenever it was moved on there. Worse news! It didn't fucking work.

Beloved was last seen shopping for better (lighter!) amps. At which point I noticed that the amp she was looking at was REMARKABLY like one we already had the last firkin time we had an issue with this dang thing.

As I can recall, we had to take the casing off because presumed Case Curse and it's still behind the furniture where the record player used to be.

I woke this morning to a Scene that involves the lack of an amp and presumed Thing Still Not Working. I'm not testing it until after the stream.

It's Fic o' the Week day today, so I need to be triply certain that nobody's put their oar in when I near the end of the day's tale. I have reserves. For now.

If I run out of those reserves, I may have to delve into fanfics of the past. Which might get interesting.

Let's get on with getting on.