Challenge #03583-I294: Sufficient Motivation

A Tiefling learns how the people that some disparagingly called "Naga" all but worship Tiefling-kind. And eagerly take in any such children raising them well. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm moving this to Alfarell where the devilish children of "darkness" are called Hellkin]

Kala gave up on humanity at age five, when someone tried to chop off their tail for the eighth time in their memory. Having learned to read in the gutter schools, they sought any and all information about places that welcomed a Hellkin with open arms.

The mountains of Whitekeep were too far.

However, the steaming jungles of Brustraynia and the Sserith who dwelled within... They revered their Hellkin, according to the books. Treated them like gods. Kala had their doubts, but it was better than dodging cleavers every time some rich asshole upped the bounty on Hellkin tails.

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