Sunday, Solutions!

The epic saga of the Sound System is done! With the purchase of a new amp, and some other incidental accessories, we have a working record player! Yay!

We also have a working casette player, but all my old tapes may have become warped since the last time I put them down. Sigh.

At least vinyl firkin lasts.

Tale Foundry is on and I have already written and posted the story for the next week, so it's no shocker that everyone knows the prompt.

...and now I know why the Foundry Discord wasn't looking for prompts this week.

I am taking one more day off of my summarising duties because Wet Weather and Sunday. Tomorrow, at my lowest expectations, I shall be looking at creating a themes and tropes thing in 2K words. Blargh.

Now that I only have to worry about little things, it's a lot more relaxing around here. I might even get to other stuff I've waysided. Who can say?

OR I might just fart around and enjoy my life.

I have some little edits to do in A Devil's Tale because I accidentally slipped a meme into my narrative. Woops.

And then there's Tale Foundry, which is running right now. After that is done, I do my stream. Then I get on with other stuff.

Including working out a filing system for all my firkin vinyl.

Story at some point during the day.