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Problem Solving

A 2-post collection

Challenge #01837-E013: The Helpful Cup

Hot sweetened tea and maybe a biscuit or sandwich will help to solve most problems. -- Anon Guest

In the grand scheme of things, Britanians never expect much out of the Tea Lady. Some sage advice, a rambling story about their youngest, and, of course, tea. If you knew how to play your cards right, you might get a Jammy Dodger or a Scotch Finger. That was the way it had always been. Until Ambassador Harry.

So far, she had helped the odd little alien stabilise their atmosphere regulators with duck tape, fixed the fans with a hairpin, and disarmed the alien security measures with one of her support stockings. Now they were at the ships' power, Sai'dut was looking rather upset.

Harriet Jones frowned a little. This sort of insect creature had been friendly and open enough, but now she worried that something was amiss. She was still using her business manners, and therefore acted like a kindly grandmother type despite being not nearly thirty, just yet. "Something wrong, love?"

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Challenge #01385-C290: Sys iPhus

"I'm sorry, I can't... I'm broken,"

"Is that what they told you?" -- OohLookShiny

The Doctor skidded to a halt in yet another room in the complex. There, a vaguely cylindrical robot went in a circuitous path, repeatedly fixing things that, ultimately, caused everything to return to its original state.

"Sysiphus," he muttered.

Holly stopped, too, almost blundering into him. She took in the scene and said, "Excuse me?"

The robot paused. "I cannot aid you. I am... broken. I must... fix.

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