Challenge #02707-G150: Rescue From Vulnerability

Some level four, and level five, havenworlders know their species is quite fragile. They also know that, in order to survive, to thrive, in this harsh universe, they need to grow stronger. With that in mind, and speaking to other havenworlders that were of higher levels, they all agreed training was in order. They hire a team of humans to help them learn to grow stronger. So, when they have their children, their children will be born stronger. The plan was for their children, like the parents, to train here too, and make things better for their people in the long run. -- Anon Guest

Just as every cogniscent looks like a Havenworlder to a Deathworlder, every other cogniscent looks like a Deathworlder to a Havenworlder. When one belongs to a Level Five Havenworlder species, the rest of the universe is a very dangerous place indeed. Havenworlders, it has been noted, amble vaguely towards cogniscence because there's little better to do. Therefore, they develop very old, very long-lived civilisations.

Which are, because of their longevity, most at risk of extinction because their star is getting old. Those who are fortunate have the time and ability to prepare. Those who are unfortunate... Well. Most of them preserve what they can for other civilisations. Others work on more extreme measures.

They became Genners. They introduce themselves to deliberate, yet tolerable stresses and enter into selective breeding programs in order to toughen up the entire species by induced epigenetic mutation. With an urgency previously unknown to their kind, they accelerate their development towards becoming tough enough to reach and colonise other worlds.

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